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    Bay K. - Weekly Poetry Contest (146) Winner

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Apr 13, 2011.

    It's Not You ...
    By Bay K.

    Demon that I am,
    My ways, hellish.
    Sulfur of Tartarus should fill my breath.
    Yet, allowed free roam above.
    All I touch,

    It is not ascribed --
    I chose to be thus.
    Opportunities, squandered
    A basket of water.

    You saw me, reached out.
    I swore you were blind,
    To ever smile at one my kind.

    You gave, you listened, you felt.
    Alas! She knew not this fiend.

    Possessed of Succubus,
    I eyed my prize
    Drawing from you without compromise.

    I ripped and gorged,
    You moaned with pleasure.
    So unaware, the ebbing of your essence.
    Doubly Isaac –
    You lay still, after the lamb was shown.
    True sacrifice!

    Your soul, half way down,
    I choked it up.
    A god toying with his doll.

    Unfamiliar, the tinge within,
    Which made me --for the first time--
    'See you'.

    You wept and cursed,
    And begged me to stay.
    But I would not look your way.

    Forever now, shielding my eyes
    From your pursuing dazzle.
    Its simple magnificence rendering me
  2. Bay K.

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    Thanks to everyone that read the piece, liked it and voted for it.
    Thank you.

    Be good, wise and strong
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