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    Be Depraved

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by foosicle, Nov 24, 2011.

    I have three characters that need completed introductions; Jenn, Lynn, and Ashe. Provided is a chapter title and a few sentences for inspiration. Write and finish them as you see fit... let your imagination and empathetic whims throw these seedling characters far far into depravity.

    JINN - innocence
    Jinn is just barely the youngest royal, at 14 harvest moons. She finds her life a care free one, holding title as third princess of Hokress. Not pushed into any responsibilities the female from the house of royals enjoy freedom in their activities. That is with the one caveat they stay within the castle walls. The surrounding village was best kept inaccessible to the Families youth. Innocence, as defined by the Family was best protected by maintaining blissful ignorance and 14 hooves of solid stone.

    LENZ - public-transit
    Lenz was used to it by now, at least that is was she continue to tell herself over the moaning. At the back of the barren sub-train was nothing she had not witnessed time and time immemorial; even if this case was characteristically more personal. With the advent of mass personalized transit for cheap, the public transit became known for its filth and grit; both aesthetics and its cargo. Sexually depraved looking for exploits or wandering jobless souls took refuge in the service. Lenz wasn't apart of the depraved; she was apart of the jobless and each trip downtown had proven to offer a "free, if not forced, show" produced and staring these forsaken souls.

    ASHE - rebirth
    A coldness severed her from a sub-conscious slumber; one that mercilessly pinned her to the present.
    The cryo-chamber began to expand, CO[SUB]2[/SUB] stabilizers spritzing out; racking across the defrosting outer dermis. There was an annoyingly strange aura resonating from her surroundings at an uncomfortable pitch. All these sensory inputs seemed to trigger only one learned neuron sequence; pain. She mouthed her discomfiture to her blurry-unremarkable surroundings. Immediately something velvety soft wrapped her warmly; soothing her with deep tones of calm and tranquility. Blissful peace overtook her and darkness once again became her solace.
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    Shouldn't something like this be in the word games part of the board?
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    I am not able to write in two opposite directions.
    Ican only start with one tone then get to the middle and finish in the same breath.
    I have not got the mental to sereande an idea then deprave it afterwords.It deos not make sense to me.
    In other words if I am utilising the word innocence for a 14 year old character then I wil maintain that title of innocence till the finish.
    This is how I write.:)

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