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    Beta - 30k novella

    Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by John-Wayne, Feb 1, 2019.

    Hey All,

    Just got done finishing another round of editing and seeking a Beta to help out.

    Title: Kristol of Ancea
    Word count: 30,284

    It's Fantasy and I suppose Adventure. This is the first book so it will basically be introducing you to the world where the books take place. A little bit of adventure.

    and just so you know, my books have a tendency to have a slow start.

    Here's a rough of my summary for you.

    Princess Kristol Dharaventius of Ancea, daughter to a King, enjoys a carefree life of adventure and roasted rabbit. With the spirit of a warrior, she is a reluctant heir, who prays to Zyniseus that the child in her mother’s womb is a son; so that she may avoid the burdens of wearing the crown herself. After a fateful encounter in the Kaylon Forest, she finds that her days of adventure are coming to an end as her actions have more consequences than before. With Her mother becoming weaker as the due date approaches. Can Kristol hold onto her carefree life of adventure or will the impending duties and responsibilities of the Crown bare down on her, forcing her to mature sooner than she cares to.

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