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    Beta for Hide: Part One

    Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by The Piper, Mar 28, 2019.

    Hi everyone!

    So part one has been written and gone through what I call the "heavier" edits, after another couple of sweeps I'd like to say I'm happy with it. Part two is written, and for the next couple of months I'll be alternating between the heavy edits on that and the writing of my third and final part. Eventually, I'd like to beta the whole thing, but just to gain a bit of a headstart I'd love to send out part one to anyone willing to give it a look through. If those people might be interested later on, I could do the same with part two etc.

    Details: supernatural horror set mainly on a present-day island but with flashbacks interspersed. Some language, a fair amount of gore (although not too much in the first part). In terms of amount, part one stands at about 21,000 words with 7 chapters between 2,500-3,500 each.

    If you're interested at all you don't have to read the entirety of this, I'd be happy to swap on a chapter-by-chapter basis so, say, if you want to read the whole first part, then I'd be happy to look over an equivalent amount of your work (although I can't say my feedback would be hugely detailed, or particularly fast, I'd do my absolute best). Alternatively if you only wanted to read one chapter, then you could send me one of yours etc etc.

    Looking forward to hearing from some people! Feel free to respond to this or send me a PM if you're interested, and we'll figure out the best way of sharing.

    Thank you!


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