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    Beta Read for Death Drama

    Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by GraceLikePain, Mar 27, 2021.

    Lee Subin was inspired to enter into music by her favorite musician, Ashley Carr. Despite the fact that they make completely different types of music (Subin is on the violin and Ashley goes with keyboards/synthesizers) and the fact that Ashley barely knows she exists, Subin is obsessed with his work and finally gains the motivation to work hard for something in her life. She dreams of one day meeting the man who finally got her to stop being such a slacker. Except that Ashley's sudden, untimely death cuts his blossoming career short and leaves Subin without a goal to reach for. How can she cope with his death when her friends have never even heard of him? What is she going to live for now?

    Bleh, I'm not good at blurbs. Anyway, I'm looking for a beta reader for a ~78k short story....er, novella, about a Korean music fangirl who struggles with aimlessness and purposelessness in her life, all while grieving the loss of someone who she really just admired from afar. It's a bit ambitious, since I don't play violin myself, but that's how it turned out in my head. I pretty much just need someone to see if the story makes sense, and find any weak parts.

    Also I have no idea where in the world I would publish a thing like this, so I'm open to ideas on that end.

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