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    Beta Reader Wanted

    Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by Alexandria M. H., Oct 20, 2021.

    Howdy, howdy! I'm looking for some test/bate readers. I've been working on transcribing my 3 great uncle's WW1 journal, and I need some cool people to test read it so I can figure out how smoothly it reads......if that makes sense.

    If you would like to help, message me below!
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    Jun 2, 2021
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    I'd love to help! Transcribing is a challenge, especially with the language differences and having to rewrite everything as you transfer it to a digital form. I'm not an expert on WW1, but I've researched it for some personal writing so ice got a background in the era. Are you trying for a word for word translation or are you rewriting parts as you go?
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