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    Beta testers needed

    Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by AspiringNovelist, Aug 8, 2015.

    I'm on the last stage of launching a website that markets to social platforms and I need beta testers. I need authors with books they would like to promote and I need social supporters that are willing to receive a request from said authors.

    The author side is self-explanatory -- you create a campaign, then send a link asking for support. When a goal is reached, the campaign is launched and your campaign lands on all the supporters pages at once.

    The supporter side -- you'll receive a request (facebook, twitter, tumblr, linkedin) asking for support -- you can ignore, decline, or accept this request. There is no guilt in your decision because the author will not know who supported, only the number of supporters. Additionally, this is crowd supporting -- the support only fires off when a certain number of supporters are in agreement.

    It's 100% free -- I built the site because of the daunting task of marketing after I wrote and self-published a book.

    Note: I'm working on the facebook connect API at the moment, so my reply to your PMs might be as soon as tomorrow or as late as the middle of this coming week.

    Please do PM if you have any interest in beta testing.

    When you PM, state whether you're an author with a ready to market e-book(publisher book) or a supporter.

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    If I understand this is basically like Kick-starter for books which does sound interesting, but this brings up the question why people would use this when they could just go to Kick-starter which is already a fully functional website.

    Even though I'm a bit skeptical of how well this would work I would love to support the website. It sounds like a neat idea, and if it does work out then I'm sure it would benefit many upcoming writers who are looking for a way to get attention for their books.

    Could you possibly PM the link for the website to me, so I could check it out for myself? It would be nice to know what it actually looks like.

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