Which poem best invokes the theme of "Rekindling"?

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  1. "Dancer's Stride" by Darkkin

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  2. "Rekindled?" by badgerjelly

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  3. "Remember" by Ray West

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  4. "Long, it has been," by FakusNamus

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  5. "Peace" by Richard Ogata

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  6. "Left behind In a room full of please-forget-me memories" by Ghost Cat

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  1. Darkkin

    Darkkin Reflection of a nobody Contributor

    Jun 21, 2012
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    Following the footprints in the sand...

    Past Contest Bi-Weekly Poetry Contest #238: August #2, 2013 -- Rekindling (WINNER ANNOUNCED)

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Darkkin, Aug 23, 2013.

    Dancer’s Stride

    Shattered courage…

    Of the blade,

    Of shield and spear.

    Broken, alone…

    The unseen tear…

    Words of hatred…

    Of bitterness,

    Of rage, an emptiness,


    An heir struggling on bended knees.

    The darkest hour…

    Of night, unending.

    Of cloaking velvet, warm and dense…

    A glimmer of starlight…Coming, coming.

    A Legend, tense.

    A whispered stride touching down.

    Of cloven hoof,

    Of gleaming hide, fathomless eyes.

    Bright as snow…Aerial Dancer…fabled, shy.

    The answer of the child’s cry.

    Argent burning, a single horned crown.

    Of fleet feet…

    Of tufted tail, tangled mane…

    Fleet feet flying.

    Aerial Dancer coursing down.

    The Unicorn,

    She, known the whole world round.

    Dancer’s stride…

    One foot…touching.

    Two feet…catching.

    Three feet…gather.

    Four feet…leaping.

    Into the breach…

    Darkest hour…brightest star.

    Fleet feet surging…

    Upon the hill, slowly raised…

    A battle standard, tattered and worn…

    Heads lifting, gazes stalwart, no longer lost, dazed.

    Out of the darkness…

    Aerial Dancer…

    Argent Star…

    War horn…by Elven lips…once more singing.

    Into battle…courage winging.

    Fleet feet flying…

    A small hand reaching out.

    Fingers catching hold.

    Lily, she of shorn and bloodied hair…

    Pulled from mire, clinging and cold.

    Aerial Dancer…

    The promontory gained.

    Lily, elven princess darke and faire…

    Mounted, readied for a final ride.

    Dancer’s Stride…

    One foot…touching.

    Two feet…pressing.

    Three feet…gather.

    Four feet…leaping.

    Lily, astride…A compass point, keeping.
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  2. badgerjelly

    badgerjelly Contributor Contributor

    Aug 10, 2013
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    The flame whips out in a vagrant gale
    The passive burst of light it gave now
    Sits naked in night times dark bough;
    Crouched in fear, scuttled, lifeless and pale.
    The embers in a dying cinder
    Glowering and darkness maimed
    Reach out with a beckoning finger.
    The winds rekindling and inflamed
    Sweep on and shift around like kindred
    Joyful and sumptuous lightful sprites
    Waving in the air like bright night kites.
    And still the flame remains caged fed
    Whether casting shadows or lying dead.
  3. Ray West

    Ray West New Member

    Jul 31, 2013
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    I stumble through the days,
    forget where they go;
    Trip over ideas left lying about,
    but always discard them
    without looking too closely.
    They sparkle and shimmer,
    tantalizing in my mind,
    but dim and dull to lead
    as soon as they're out.
    How did I fill my hours as a child,
    excited endless summer fun?
    I forgot how to look;
    forgot how to see.

    I was at the lake the other day,
    and turned my head at a child's laugh;
    mesmerized by water bubbling up,
    splashing at its fall:
    the simple pleasure of water on skin.
    I forgot to mourn my loss of wonder;
    didn't notice its passing.

    I notice now.
    Every giggle and gasp of astonishment
    brush away more cobwebs,
    and there's no telling how far I can go.
  4. FakusNamus

    FakusNamus New Member

    Jun 14, 2013
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    Long, it has been,
    since I last saw
    the tiny lines on your face that dance
    when you smile,
    the colors in your eyes,
    and the breeze that loves to play with your hair.
    And hard, it has been,
    to be hurt with every breath I breathe,
    knowing that it's not the same air that you breathe anymore,
    to walk through the city
    and only remember each landmark
    in respect to what we've done,
    what we used to do.
    Our little jokes, our little stories,
    they fall now,
    to the hard concrete earth,
    and shatter,
    and scatter the dust,
    leaving nothing in its wake.

    But I see you now,
    And I don't know if I can,
    If I'm just a lemming jumping to my own demise,
    Or I'm the lion that roars forth the dawn,
    But I know I have to,
    I have to let you know,
    For every breath I breathe without you
    feels like a thousand knives to my heart,
    and every memory I've lived without you,
    Is grey
    And every thought I've ever had since then,
    has been about you,
    So I have to, I've got to, I must let you know
    that I'd do anything and everything
    to make you stay.

    We can wrap ourselves around each other's broken hearts,
    and face the dawn stronger,
    And the days will be longer,
    if our hearts were one again.
    I'll kiss your heart so it will heal,
    So won't you, please,
    do the same
    for me.
  5. Richard Ogata

    Richard Ogata New Member

    Aug 31, 2013
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    Palmer, Alaska
    I'm new here~
    If this is too late to submit, I understand~


    I feel is calmly grace my skin:
    between the ground and I,
    miles of deep mystery
    loom hungerly;
    Clear Void's face
    smiles warmly from above.
    Crushing empty horizons surround me
    captured by Abbadon's full maw:
    here is where I float alone,
    Death's faceless shadows reaching.

    With eyes closed I see their faces:
    a worried mother by the phone,
    a starving child in the streets,
    a maimed soldier without a smile,
    a gay man hiding from the world,
    a hard working father who loved to draw,
    a nameless cadaver tossed aside,
    a young girl afraid to tell someone,
    a fool who's lost their dream,
    a herd without a Shepard.

    Among those tears I found it:
    why stones can swim and fly,
    why I am all but one.
    Heartbeat lies filled my head,
    a duress' steel-cage whispers
    now circling around it,
    pulling me below the surface.
    Now I see the now from before,
    Birth's place of death,
    a hand-crafted tomb.

    Blue void of mystery before me:
    Earth's amniotic fluid fills my lungs,
    a moment of peace,
    knowledge in my next move.
    Like shattering glass
    importance explodes around me,
    haberdasheries to technique practice
    all lose their veil;
    standing naked among birds
    watching eggs and insects crawl.

    From here, life's span changes:
    Death's embrace only miles away
    when it should be inches.
    It becomes a coffin for the mind,
    each passing second another nail;
    from there, there is a rush to seal it,
    to embrace these cold depths
    and see whales fly around them,
    Clear Void's smiling face.
  6. Ghost Cat

    Ghost Cat Member

    Aug 21, 2013
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    some corner
    Left behind
    In a room full of please-forget-me memories
    on a cold bed

    The extra set of car keys
    acted as a paperweight
    Upon directions
    to a station where the train was long gone

    You could have been a comfort
    Junk sick in New York
    Desperate in Connecticut
    Insane in California

    I carried everything I could
    all that I could own
    on my back
    and I'm so sorry...
    You, not too heavy
    Only too big

    My new lives failed
    a dog returning home,
    with its tail between its legs
    and a whole nother batch
    of please forget-me-memories

    Still, I didn't want to be back,
    but you, you were the only exception
    embracing me...
    welcoming me back,
    like all those nights before
    like I'd never even left

    my warm
    my familiar
    my pillow
    let us sleep
    and drift away from everything
    and again
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  7. morepages

    morepages Member Contest Administrator

    Jul 29, 2013
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    Maryland, USA
    Finally, I have received the moderator permissions I need to move posts and edit threads, and so now the first round of voting in the Bi-Weeky Poetry Contest (BWPC, if typing all that gets old) can begin!

    Please, read all of the poems, vote using all of your poetic instinct, and may the best poem win!
  8. morepages

    morepages Member Contest Administrator

    Jul 29, 2013
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    Maryland, USA
    The winner of the Bi-Weekly Poetry Contest for the second half of August is


    Please enjoy the poem "Dancer's Stride" and heap congratulations on Darkkin until the next contest voting opens!

    I apologize for how long this contest took to conclude, but starting on the first of October all the glitches should be straightened out!
  9. Gabrielle

    Gabrielle New Member

    Oct 14, 2013
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    Stay Strong

    Life can bring many pains

    But the pains can be turned around.

    They say joy comes in the morning

    And the sorrows will fade away.

    Tears are for the brave and strong.

    For those who have held it in too long.

    When stirring emotions come along

    Think happy thoughts and sing a song.

    Do not let these tears bring you down

    Keep on fighting until the end.

    And if these tears come back around

    Fight even harder until you win.

    Sometimes feelings are so high

    You forget that your limit is the sky.

    You start to feel hopeless and doubt

    But really, you have yet to sprout.

    Never forget that dreams live on forever.

    And if they are meant to be, the possibilities are

    Whatever, Wherever, Whenever.
  10. morepages

    morepages Member Contest Administrator

    Jul 29, 2013
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    Maryland, USA
    Well, this particular contest has already ended, but we will enjoy this poem anyway! Why don't you take a look at the contest for the second half of October?
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