Which poem best uses the sonnet form?

  1. "Brave New World" by JJ_Maxx

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  2. "What Lies in Darkness" by Windreda

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    Past Contest Bi-Weekly Poetry Contest #241, October #2 2013: The Sonnet (SUBMISSIONS OPEN)

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    Bi-Weekly Poetry Contest #241

    The Sonnet

    This contest's theme is one of the most important poetic forms in English history. Perfected by writers like Shakespeare, the sonnet is a poem (normally about love or other romantic themes, though sometimes also about death) which followed the following structure:

    1. Iambic Pentameter (u/ u/ u/ u/ u/)
    2. Rhyme Scheme (abab cdcd efef gg)
    3. The first three quatrains (sets of 4 lines) introduce and talk about a problem or situation which is then solved or resolved by the last couplet (the last two rhymed lines).

    The winning poem for the second half of October will be the poem which most masterfully uses the sonnet.

    BONUS: Halloween is right around the corner! Voters should put extra consideration toward poets who use the sonnet to create a scary poem. An unusual but interesting combination!
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  2. JJ_Maxx

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    Brave New World

    Is this the land of great resource be found?
    How tall the pines and strong the maples rise,
    In fertile soil lie roots beneath the ground,
    And mighty mountains pierce the western skies.

    Oh, shall we place a thousand ships to sea,
    To cast their nets and pluck the endless cod.
    The salty depths would still more gracious be,
    For pious men would cease their praise to God.

    But blessed lands bear fruit with blood from men,
    Oh how their lustful yearnings must be quenched?
    They turn their might to loose the sword again,
    And blight the land with ire deep entrenched.

    The rightful heirs have paid for blessed lands,
    And cry for us, the blood still on our hands.
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  3. Windreda

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    What Lies in Darkness

    A child remains alone in painted dark
    So cold and left when creatures run astray
    A night so lonely left in stilted park
    Creative horrors as they're left till day

    What lies in hidden darkness does arise

    Imagined creatures left to feast again
    The young through fear awaits a grim surprise
    To crawl amongst as blind through lions den

    And when such falsehoods come to pass in night

    A real-like thought remains a guiding star
    In science keep away such bitter fright
    Ignoring threats that find that eat that are

    A child remains alone with rising doubts
    Then dragged away in silent cries and shouts.
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    The winner by a hair is JJ_Maxx's "Brave New World"! Well done uses a traditional form in a brave new way! Please heap on the compliments!

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