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    black-radish and Nobeler Than Lettuce - Joint Poetry Contest (111) Winners

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Apr 26, 2010.

    By black-radish

    The heat yells at me
    screaming bright red noise
    nowhere to hide
    from this scorching pain

    A Lady of the Lake
    whispers soft, soothing
    Indulging in her voice
    calming stream of words

    It's over, they left
    High above me
    I see them circle


    Afternoon the Phoenix Flew
    By Nobeler Than Lettuce

    In the bright days sun,
    over glaring land
    carpeted with sand.

    The phoenix flew.
    Then at least we knew
    that we would live.

    And the model builder's water drove him wild.
    And his glasses broke up and built a fire.
    And if you look right on the inside of his palms
    you'll see inch long gashes that had come
    from the struts that he had held on just to live,
    while careening through the air just like we did.

    Our metal birds
    do split the sky
    like it was prophesied.

    And paper wings,
    boys with strings.
    A wind blows mildly.
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