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    Book marketing

    Discussion in 'Marketing' started by Thundair, Sep 3, 2021.

    I was looking into marketing my book 'Deceitful Survival' on more than FB, but the ones I looked up seemed kind of sleazy. Is there a reputable one, or do you just take your chances?
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    Jan 21, 2021
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    in terms of adverts the big three are facebook ads, amazon ads and bookbub ads (and kobo promo if you're wide)... there are also a number of promotion services that people use with mixed results... top of the heap (but most expensive)being the bookbub featured deal, other less expensive options include freebooksy, bargain booksy, fussy librarian, and book barbarian (there are lots of others but do your due dilligence on their reach vs cost)

    then there are mailing list swaps and promos via storyorigin and bookfunnel (again others do exist but they are the big two)

    really its a huge field and whole books and courseshave been written about succeeding in it
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    This is excellent advice. To add to this, you need to start by determining who your audience is. There is no universal platform to reach all possible audiences, so figure out who your primary target reader is. From there, you can start to work out the best places to market to them. For example, if you've written a cookbook focusing on traditional home cooking, then you'll probably reach a more interested audience on Facebook. However, if you're book is full of wanderlust poetry, Instagram might be your place.

    When it comes to marketing, there is no one-size-fits-all. I recommend making a website (This is fairly inexpensive and user-friendly with platforms like Wordpress), as a platform for marketing and selling your book, as well.
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    I've tried just using social media, Amazon Ads, Bookbub ads, and Kobo promotions - all with minimal success. To date, FB has been by far my best marketing strategy, but others would strongly disagree. I've seen people have a lot of success using social media only - I wish I was that SM savvy! I've heard TikTok is great for promoting books too, but honestly (and maybe this is an age thing) I just don't get TikTok - it all seems like a whole lot of nothing to me *shrugs*. But my advice would be to try it all, or at least the big ones @big soft moose named above. I'm only running FB ads at the moment, but once book 2 is ready you can bet I'll be pushing it via all avenues.
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    This site is wonderful for promoting e-books and marketing your own. They also allow you access to other e-books on their website if you upload one of your own and they let you upload as many as you like at no cost to you. https://www.free-ebooks.net/

    I’ve got my own books up on here but they charge you extra for any additional promotion that you may decide to do.

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