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    Book Trailer based on my story.

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by shaylyn, Apr 14, 2012.

    So my husband is a videographer and wants to do a book trailer for the book I'm currently working on. It's basically a movie trailer, it'll have actors and dialogue. He wrote the script based on the events of the first few chapters. There are a few discrepancies between the book and the script. For example: There is a part in the story where the MC, Hailey meets MC2 in a diner.

    Their conversation is as follows:

    “You look like you've been through hell.”
    I looked to my left to find the guy sitting two seats from me staring into his drink. Had he said that to me? When his eyes met mine, I knew he had. I looked away.
    I really didn't feel like talking to anybody.
    I looked at him again. He looked to be my age. Maybe a little bit older. He had dark hair that hung in his eyes.
    “So, what?” I asked, my voice cracking a bit.
    “Have you?”
    “Have I what?”
    “Been through hell,” he replied.
    I sighed, pushing a strand of my wet hair out of my face. “You should have seen me before I cleaned myself up,” I replied with a pathetic chuckle.
    “I did,” the guy said.

    Now the backstory is that she has been chased by these two mystery men out of her home and into this bar and she has no idea why. Later, you find out that MC2 knows why and is basically on the run as well.

    Here's how the script for the movie goes:

    MC2 - Rough night?

    MC1 looks at MC2 weirded out by the attention he's giving her.

    MC2 - Did you lose them?

    Now, this is completely different from the actual book. Watching the trailer, you would know right off the bat that he knows something she doesn't about her situation. I know that when it comes to movies based on books, there are differences but is that appropriate to do when the trailer is supposed to be about the book? I'm just looking for opinions or maybe other ideas. Thanks.
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    I'd stick with the original conversation - even if you cut it up a bit. The trailer could ruin the initial creepiness and suspiciousness of MC2 (they would pick on that he knew about it all, whereas in the original, I didn't know that until you told me in the backstory). Look up book trailers for book's you've read, see how they've done it.
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    Why change it? The original dialogue is probably better than the script imo. You could condense it a bit, probably just:

    MC2 - You look like you've been through hell.

    _some direction here_

    MC1 - You should have seen me before I cleaned up.

    MC2 - I did.

    That's the bit that really worked for me.

    If it's a trailer for a book, it needs to work with the book, I'd say. You're effectively advertising a product, and the product needs to be as described :)

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