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    Books that relate to mine in anyway

    Discussion in 'Research' started by Sarah's scribbles, Dec 9, 2015.

    Okay so I just want to see if someone knows of a book that matches mine in any of the few areas I'm going to list. quick note I am not writing this as a book but an extensive short story project. so many small stories which coincide like TV episodes and line up for an overall plot but can be read separately. not something I'm looking for in the book.
    What I am interested in is the following.
    My story is an expression of a basic dungeon crawling video game in story format.
    My story is told in third person.
    Similar to breaking the fourth wall, however none of them know they're in a story, the main characters can hear the narrator and listen to everything he says about them. this allows them to get some critical info when needed, secrets to be spilled when not needed, and for information and details to be spread around.
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    This occurs in The Stanley Parable-Video Game, and in that movie with Will Farrel that cam out a while back. For the most part I don't think that there is a story in which the characters know they are in one. Let alone can hear the narrator. Sounds like a neat idea though. :p

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