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    Bring on the clowns...

    Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Pinkymcfiddle, Jun 4, 2017.

    I remembered watching the clip (which I will link below) as a child.

    Rod Hull was a maniac, but a hilarious maniac. Once he went on the equivalent of Letterman, named Parkinson, likewise after its host.

    Parkinson is widely regarded as a great interviewer, but was a sycophant. I saw those interviews with Ali, where Ali was frankly a shit, but got a free ride because Parkinson would never challenge his guests.

    Once I attended a recording (I was doing some work for ITV at the time) and it was amusing to see the manner in which they rerecorded items to refer to events that had not yet happened in the past tense, to suit the scheduled airing date. It is all a veneer.

    Anyway, in a famous piece of TV, Rod Hull went on this show, with his puppet, Emu. Emu/ Hull's right arm attacked Parkinson and got him on the floor. Well done Hull!

    Following this incident, Billy Connolly went on Parkinson, and said words to the effect of; if it happened to him he would break Emu's neck and Rod Hull's arm.

    Hull sadly died falling off a ladder while trying to fix his TV aerial, some years ago. I don't know about you, but I think this clip is brilliant: -

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