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    But I loved you....

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by AxleMAshcraft, Mar 25, 2011.

    So for my last project I wrote this short story about a girl who is schizophrenic. I loved it, honestly speaking it is probably my favorite piece I've ever written. I simply love it.
    So when I got the assignment for my next project I was thinking "Ok, this is going to be sweet. I love that supporting character from my last piece, what if I took him and made it from his perspective. I could have a neat little pair of short stories that piggy-backed off each other but ultimately made sense apart too. This is really cool, I can't wait to start and finish it" Ect. ect. I sit down at my computer and hammer out the first paragraph. It's all going good. Then BAM. Nothing.
    I scrounged up another two pages out of nowhere but I just don't like it. What happened to this amazing character I spent a month making up? Suddenly he's a flat, boring (for lack of a better word) bastard and he started to piss me off. I liked him before but now he just isn't making sense.
    I showed it to my workshop and they told me "there is no such thing as a bad rough draft" but basically they were no help other then to say things like "just putting our writer's blocks in perspective with writers who take forty years to write something it doesn't seem so bad does it?" and "I think that you have something to work off of".
    So I come to you guys.
    Can anyone explain this strange phenomenon of me suddenly hating one of my favorite characters.
    Please help if you can.
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    Well I think the first question would be what did you love about him before?
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    I've had this.

    Look. You love this character for a specific reason. He does something for you. Maybe he always knows what to say. Maybe he laughs in the face of danger. Maybe he's so damn selfish that you want to strangle him. It doesn't matter.

    Look at what you wrote. Does it involve this quality? Or did you take your daredevil and give him a mundane, yet fulfilling desk job? If he harmonized with your old character, taking away that character will take away that harmony.

    Think about where you're starting. Is it what you want to be writing, or are you writing it just to get to the place where you can start writing what you want to write about?

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