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    Caddie's Monthly Musings

    Discussion in 'Progress Journals' started by Cadavar, Jan 16, 2015.

    Caddies Journal


    So here it is a journal! I hope I will be able to keep it updated with things both new and exciting.

    I hope you'll excuse my to do list, I know it's long and I doubt I will get everything on it done in one year. I've placed all of the novels and stories there so I can keep records of what I have been working on in the past (I like to project hop.)

    The school holidays mean that January is not an active month for me. I have three children and they like to keep me on my toes. What time I have I will put toward my latest concept and my page a day novel.

    I have decided not to share any of my plots at this plot in time, but you can bet I will share them during my musings in this journal.

    Monthly goals

    - Keep writing a page a day of The Magic Works.

    - Focus on the planning for De-Kanti as I would like an outline to use for Camp Nano

    - Finish reading Writing The Paranormal Novel and continue to do exercises in the book.

    - Work on strengthening sentence structure and use of commas.

    - Keep searching for ideas wherever they might be found.

    Works in progress


    The Magic works || Page a day novel || Paranormal || Pages, 82

    De-Kanti || In planning (brainstorming and characters) || Fantasy

    The Demon Mountebank || Nano novel requiring completion || Paranormal || WC 50,104

    Short Stories:

    (None at current)


    Genesis Fusion || 2012 Nano novel || Sci-fi

    Celestial Pillars || Short Story requiring final Edit || Fantasy

    A Hare of The Ghost || Flash Fiction || paranormal

    No Sweeter Poison || Short Story || Fantasy


    Oikophobia || Poem || Grievous Angel webzine || :confused:

    My Loralie || Poem || Grievous Angel Webzine || :confused:

    Heat Rises || Poem || Milkfist || :confused:

    The to do list

    Fix || Novel || Outline complete || Horror

    Unnamed novel || Novel || Partial outline || Fantasy

    Velveteen Herald || Novel || Outline needs rewriting || Fantasy

    To Call The Poppy a Lily White || Novel || Partial Outline || Sci-fi

    Vanille's Sky || Novel || Outline needs rewriting || Dystopian

    A Tall Glass of Water || Novel || Needs Outline || Dystopian / Sci-fi

    Bitter Like Coco || Novel || Needs Outline || Paranormal

    Salt Whispering || Novel || Ready to Write || Sci-Fi

    Emotive Well || Short Story || Ready to Write || Thriller?

    Undercroft || Novel || Outline has disapeared? :eek: || Fantasy

    Snippet of The Month

    With the rupture of the Southern wall came a symphony of sounds that made Miles McLaren clap his hands over his ears. The scent of mint and sulphur wafted through the protrusion growing so strong he swore he could taste it.
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    Hi Caddie. I'm a big fan of list-making and was massively impressed by your record of works (I'm not a project hopper, so I'm both amazed and intimidated by all the stories and novels you're working on!)
    Just wanted to put a note up to say your 'snippet of the month' was awesome. It generated a really vivid picture for me and it was really inspiring (ie reminded me you can do so much in such a little space), so thanks :)
    Good luck with the journal! Enjoy x
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    Hi Rach! Thanks for your reply and for the warm words about both my list of works and my snippet of the month :) :oops:

    Welcome to WF :)
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