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    Camalamb's Novel Progress Journal

    Discussion in 'Progress Journals' started by Camalamb, Jun 14, 2015.

    This is my progress journal, feel free to have a read if you want to see how good my procrastination levels are and the watch date in-between my progress expand after every post.

    I started a project last year that I continued for a while, but unfortunately found myself uninterested and dissatisfied. The concept was shallow and the attempts to create the story were rushed and unsuccessful. I figured that not nearly enough planning went into the execution of the novel, I was rushing because I wanted to see something that I created, unfortunately for me what I had created was really quite terrible.

    A few weeks ago however I got a sudden burst of inspiration, not for the previous project of last year, but instead for a new project to work on that would actually take a lot of thought and planning, last years project is to be left on the shelf until I am able to continue and work well with that one.

    The novel idea is one in which I wanted to make a comment on human interactions, the concept is quite complicated and therefore I have spent many days creating synopsis after synopsis, from basic and making them more and more in-depth, writing every thought and idea down that comes to my mind, and making character charts for each character, explaining many things amongst their motives, goals, story within the plot and epiphany should they have one.

    Yesterday I created a 'MAP' of the location of the novel, since the entirety is set in a confined space, a bunker under ground, it was important for me to have consistency when explaining certain parts of the setting, I didn't want there to be holes in the location, so I am currently adding parts to the map as they come up in the creative process of writing.

    Yesterday I also started writing, I should have probably spent a lot longer planning but I feel that at least writing a very very verrrrrry basic draft would inspire me to tweak and change and get inspired as I go, which it did, I wrote about 1,200 words yesterday and then went back into my planning documents to make amendments and also add certain things that I had thought of whilst writing.

    Today I really got into it, I wrote about 2,000 words and feel as if I may have ended the first chapter at a good place to catch the audience, I think tomorrow I shall give it a read through and begin to long arduous journey of editing and rethinking the first chapter, which may not even end up being the first chapter, who can tell at this point, ha-ha.

    Till the next update, thanks for taking an interest!
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    Hey Camalamb, good luck and keep going! I empathise... I am also an excellent procrastinator, prevaricator and preverythingator; if I don't allow myself the luxury of even just the possibility of being rubbish in the first draft then nothing ever gets done.


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