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    Catchy intro here

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by nicholas.mott.25, Aug 28, 2016.

    Hi ,

    My name is Nick. I have always been an aspiring writer. However career and family have always kept me away from really focusing time and effort. I have taken two college English courses, and did ok. However my final grade notes went something like this: "I should fail you because it's like everything I taught in my class went in one ear and right out the other. However you description and depiction of every scene in the story was so vivid and real, I had to give you the grade I did." I am a hands on learner. So I need to practice. I am not going to do well at writing by reading about it, I need to do it.
    I used to write horror when I was a kid. I grew up 20 mins down the road from Stephen King. I have actually sat next to him at UMaine Hockey and basketball games. I remember reading books like IT and The Dark Half before I was a teenager. When ever I got a chance to write a story and pick my own topic, I would write a story based on a book or story I read from SK.

    A lot has changed in my life since then. Although I still love scary movies, I don't read SK a lot. I am in the military (currently in Afghanistan), I am divorced and in the midst of changing careers with in the military. I met the love of my life here in Afghanistan almost two years ago. Our story should be a country song, or some where in the history of this, nearly two decade long war.
    I would like to write about it. However I would like to tie in my new found love of espionage. So it would be on the cusp of being a true story, because we both work in the Special Operations community. But some things would have to be changed for operational security.

    I would like to use this site / forum as a tool to better my writing skills, and to make my ideas of writing our love story a reality.

    Please help!

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    Hi Nick, welcome to the forum. Getting involved on here is certainly a good start to getting you on track with your story, so have a good look around and join in.
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    Hi Nick, I'm a huge fan of special ops books - have you read Stephen Leather's work or Andy McNab's? In my mind there is always a shortage of good Special Op thrillers. I've also edited Special Ops novels before so happy to pitch in/ help if you have ideas you'd like to bounce off someone

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