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    Causation or Correlation of Divorce Rates of Southern Protestant Conservatives?

    Discussion in 'Debate Room' started by Garball, Jan 18, 2014.

    Is being a staunchly conservative protestant in the South driving wedded couples to divorce? According to this article:,0,7835151.story#axzz2qlrjaa1X , it is.

    However, after reading the article, I thought it was obvious that the researchers answered the causality and tacked on religious preference as the cause.

    Having lived only in the South, I can only speak of what I know about Southern culture and cannot apply it to other areas of the US. The vast majority of us have some sort of Christian Church affiliation. There is a very high number of immature couples getting married right out of high school or soon thereafter. I do not see a causal relationship between the two statistics.

    Living in Louisiana, it is not uncommon to find people in Saints jerseys who have never watched a game in their life except by accident because it was on the TV in the bar. In my opinion, checking the religious box on a census "down here" is as common and truly meaningful as a Midwesterner admitting to owning a snow shovel. It is just a way of life.

    What's your take?
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