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    Changing a character's name after release.

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by RiverSong, Aug 5, 2019.

    Last July I released (self-published) a 1st book in a trilogy. About 6 months in I had barely (and I'm being generous) any sales and a few reviews. I did a "Book Blog Tour". When I did that I got reader feedback that one of the characters has a name too close to a religious name while all the other names are fantasy names. With using a religious name it could then only market to a certain group. It was suggested I change that name. I agreed since every one else's was fantastical, it did make sense. So, I made the change and just fixed the documents on Amazon. I've had more sales and more reviews since the name change.

    Well, a year after the 1st book's release I'm getting close to releasing the 2nd book. Here's my dilemma.... I haven't told my editor I did that name change. During the editing phase I kept the original name because I couldn't think of how to tell him I changed a character's name after it was already released. I send him about a 8 paperbacks when my book is done and then he passes them out to his circle. So, the 1st book with the original name, he has and it's the one he's passed out.

    Less than say 25 people ever read the story with the original name. Am I over thinking it that my editor may find it bad that I made that change?
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    Your editor is normally someone you hire. You're the boss, and if you think changing the name is best (and you have good reason to), who cares what the editor thinks? Sure, they should probably know about it, but you're the one paying them and they're not going to argue if you make your reasoning clear.

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