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    The kingdom of scrambled portmanteaus

    Chapter Discussion Swap

    Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by Some Guy, Sep 16, 2019.

    Critique is for the Workshop, what's broken, what's fixed.
    I'm looking to swap a complete chapter for discussion of the story itself, starting from the beginning chapter. One for one each time, once or as many chapters as you have. The intent is to clarify existing ideas or discuss issues or generate food-for-thought, and inspire new ideas. If the result inspires a change in the chapter, that is incidental. If the result inspires another idea, chapter, or a new story, that would be the ultimately worthy goal. :)
    One chapter per swap, so no cumbersome commitments.
    The chapter should be complete and legible before the swap, and in order from first onward.

    Do not post any chapters here. Do not include title here.

    Reply here with a one-sentence general statement.
    For example, My story is a drama about the life experiences of a young man with a problem, and how they lead him to his fate.

    We can arrange swap in PM.

    Let's have some fun!

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