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  1. Cyb3r Elite

    Cyb3r Elite Member

    Aug 8, 2016
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    Character Biography

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by Cyb3r Elite, Aug 9, 2016.

    Hello, everyone!
    I would like to see the unique characters you all developed for your stories, it would help to know the way you based the character on the storyline and the way it affects him/her.

    Fill this in with information about your character, you may skip spaces you're unwilling to reveal or add information I forgot to mention below:
    First Name: Hair:
    Middle Name: Height:
    Age: Body Type:
    Location: Powers (if present):
    Eyes: Handwriting:
    Nose: Music Taste:
    Eyebrows: Outift:
    Mouth: Genetic mutations (i.e. freckles, red hair, dimples. If present):
    General attitude: Biggest Fear:
    Blood Type: Skin Color:
    Other Remarks:

    Thanks everyone for you great help! :bigsmile:
  2. peachalulu

    peachalulu Contributing Member Reviewer Contributor

    May 20, 2012
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    occasionally Oz , mainly Canada
    I usually don't fill these out any more when I create characters but ... what the heck, I'm bored - :)
    Here's my MC
    First Name: Finlay Greenfield - otherwise known as Finlay Green ( stage name ) and Fey ( his TV character's name )
    Hair: dyed platinum with a serpentine burn patch after an incident with rubbing alcohol and a lighter
    Middle Name: Jude? Lewis? Hadn't really thought of it
    Height: He's short - 5'1
    Age: The book starts 2 weeks after his 14 birthday
    Body Type: ? He's got a nice body - like a swimmers.
    Location: Lives in a dumpy section of L.A. until he lands a part in a TV series and is relocated to Northern Ontario Canada. There he lives in a repurposed ski lodge on a very large lot with a lot of sets.
    Powers (if present): he's got the power to frequently piss off adults.
    Eyes: luminous brown and can simultaneously be full of leave-me-alone wrath and needy love
    Handwriting: ?
    Nose: he picks it frequently
    Music Taste: whatever LP he can scavenge out of a dumpster
    Eyebrows: they're great for broods and scowls.
    Outfit: His outfits are bizarre - vintage corduroy blazers, ladies ankle boots, tight jeans, not-a-purse bags, ladies junk jewelry, children's undershirts. Kavado his director says he often looks like he fell ass-backwards through a thrift store. His fellow actors describe him as like an alien visitor who is trying to blend but hasn't quite sorted out the gender or cultural situation.
    Mouth: an apologetic smile. Rather sexy.
    Genetic mutations (i.e. freckles, red hair, dimples. If present): fourteen freckles.
    General attitude: bratty, he battles frequently with his mother for control over his life. But he's desperately lonely and uses his creativity to lure a director into becoming a reluctant father figure.
    Biggest Fear: not being recognized creatively
    Blood Type: ? it's not important to the story.
    Skin Color: vampire pale - his zits show up like neon lights.
    Other Remarks: ( story goals & personal goals ) - Finlay lusts, longs, yearns for Sodapop girl a commercial actress who slides down a straw into an enormous vat of soda. He also wants his creativity which is frequently shunned by his teachers and his mother to be recognized. His inner goals - are to make peace with his mother, and fill the gap his absent father left by making his volatile burnt out director his stand-in father. Both of which get sabotaged by his anger and creative arrogance.
  3. I.A. By the Barn

    I.A. By the Barn A very lost time traveller Contributor

    Oct 26, 2015
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    19th Century
    Here's a character that I may or may not use...
    First Name: Jonquil
    Last Name: Tanner
    Age: 30
    Height: 64" ??
    Hair:Brown ringlets
    Eyes: One blue, one brown
    Body Type: Muscular
    Location: The Archipelago on her ship.
    Handwriting: None, she can't write, can read some words.
    Music Taste: what we might call folk punk
    Outift: cotton blouse with a bodice and britches with knee length boots???
    General attitude: A hypocripitic mass murder (she's a bounty hunter)
    Biggest Fear: Vampires. A vampire will kill Lazarus (joke's on her, he is a vampire).
    Other Remarks: Her goal is to remove all murderers (especially vampires) from the world. However she tortures and brutally murders the said murderers. Her other goal is to get Lazarus to kiss her.
  4. Goldenclover179

    Goldenclover179 Member

    Apr 20, 2016
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    First Name: Aubert
    Hair: Short, buzzed, and dark. Very thick and a very dark brown, almost black.
    Middle Name: Baptiste
    Last Name: Benoit
    Height: 5'10"
    Age: Mid to late 20s? Anywhere between 26-28, I'm not really sure yet.
    Body Type: Quite lean and toned, not particularly muscular though. Pretty much average but leaning towards the thinner side.
    Location: The swamps of Louisiana. He lives in a large, dilapidated house with a lot of other people out in the bayou by a tiny town that's about an hour's drive from Baton Rouge.
    Powers (if present): None
    Eyes: Large and dark, typically squinting or frowning intensely for no particular reason.
    Handwriting: Scrawled but strangely neat.
    Nose: Kind of a weird small nose. Like a rabbit's.
    Music Taste: Country, his father was a country musician who died of drug overdose when Aubert was in his early teens.
    Eyebrows: Dark and bushy, usually frowning a lot.
    Outfit: Nothing special. Worn-out t-shirt, faded jeans, sunhat (he's a doctor, he's very preoccupied with making sure he doesn't get skin cancer), and probably barefoot. If he's working or just got home from work, ratty scrubs that probably smell like medicine and doctor's office lollipops.
    Mouth: Small, fairly full-lipped, typically pursed in disapproval.
    Genetic mutations (i.e. freckles, red hair, dimples. If present): None.
    General attitude: Very serious, quiet. He's typically pensive and thoughtful, but has a very mischievous side to him which comes out when drunk or during some kind of celebration. He's a doctor and he's constantly reminding people to put on sunscreen, don't smoke, don't put your feet on the table and get germs on it, etc., to the point where people are almost scared of doing bad things in front of him for fear of being berated.
    Biggest Fear: His clinic being closed down (he works at a small, local clinic in the middle of nowhere that's just barely funded by the government and he's constantly struggling to find people with a medical degree who actually want to work at tiny clinic way out in the swamps.)
    Blood Type: Not important to the story.
    Skin Color: Naturally quite pale, but tanned from years spent in the sun of the bayou when he was little.
    Other Remarks: When he was younger, his biggest goal was to get a college degree and get out of his tiny town in Louisiana, but after some traumatic incidents in his early life, his goals changed to he just wanted to stay and help out the poverty-ridden people of the swamp he grew up in. He comes from French Cajun origins and he grew up in a lot of poverty and was raised by his grandparents due to his traveling musician father, who tried to visit Aubert as much as he could while growing up. Aubert's not a main character, just a side character, but an extremely important one in the story.
  5. Cyb3r Elite

    Cyb3r Elite Member

    Aug 8, 2016
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    Although I never liked vampires, what you're writing sounds fun, and your character sounds just ideal. Good Luck!
  6. Cyb3r Elite

    Cyb3r Elite Member

    Aug 8, 2016
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    Interesting indeed! :-D Thank you, and for the record, I would definitely read whatever it is you're writing. Good Job.:agreed:
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  7. Cyb3r Elite

    Cyb3r Elite Member

    Aug 8, 2016
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    Somethings quite contradict others but I think it adds a beautiful vibe to the story. Thanks. :)
  8. Cave Troll

    Cave Troll Who wants waffles...? Contributor

    Aug 8, 2015
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    Where cushions are comfy, and straps hold firm.
    First Name:Marckus Hair:N/A
    Last Name:Syrilious Height:1.93m (6ft 4in)
    Age:275 (physical age 56) Body Type: Muscular
    Location:Terran, born on Terra Powers (if present):N/A
    Eyes: Dark Brown Handwriting: Decent
    Nose:Slightly Crooked from being broken. Music Taste:Unsure
    Eyebrows:N/A Outift:Black Fatigues, combat boots, gasmask, black high impact dispersal carbon nano mesh trench coat, standard issue belt.
    Mouth:Normal Genetic mutations (i.e. freckles, red hair, dimples. If present):N/A
    General attitude:Confident Relaxed, Handles high stress well Biggest Fear:Losing
    Blood Type:A+ Skin Color: Well it is light olive, despite the grafts over a large portion of his upper body and head.
    Other Remarks: Weapon of choice is an antique .50 cal. Desert Eagle Pistol, given to him by his surrogate father after achieving the rank of Captain.

    First Name: Bartholimous Hair:N/A
    Last Name: Graxis Height: 2.159m (7 ft 1)
    Age:238 Body Type:Lean/Muscular
    Location:Centuria Powers (if present):N/A
    Eyes:Bright Green Handwriting:Formal
    Nose:Reptilian Snout Music Taste: Synthetic w/ Heavy bass and medium tempo
    Eyebrows:N/A Outift:Black Fatigues, combat boots, standard issue belt, and medium class alloy body armor.
    Mouth:Reptilian predatory (though omnivorous) Genetic mutations (i.e. freckles, red hair, dimples. If present): Tail, claws instead of fingernails
    General attitude: Professional, Refined Biggest Fear: Not fulfilling his duties. Being dishonorable in combat.
    Blood Type:Carbon based, high iron/copper level Skin Color: Medium bronze scales that look similar to muscle tissue.
    Other Remarks: Carries twin short swords, and is a skilled swordsman. Also carries a Coil SMG on his lower right thigh, and a 15mm Confederation pistol holstered on the small of his back.

    First Name:Corlixia (Before she was known only by the title of Mother Confessor.) Hair: Bright White
    Last Name:Burvonn Height:1.70m (5ft 7)
    Age: Est. 500-1000 years Body Type:Slender, toned.
    Location:Unknown Powers (if present):Hyper Intelligence
    Eyes:Large Azure Blue Handwriting:Feminine, delicate
    Nose:Cute, appears similar to attractive Terran Female in appearance Music Taste:Unknown
    Eyebrows:Thin Bright White Outift: Surgical grade white long sleeve Tunic simple white flats (2 pair) , Black custom tailored Fatigues, 2 pair combat boots, issued beret and belt.
    ,Mouth:Terran like with deep blue plush lips Genetic mutations (i.e. freckles, red hair, dimples. If present): Bio-engineered with four legs, 2 hearts, and carbon nano-tube weaved skeleton.
    General attitude:Quizzical and Curious Biggest Fear: Loss of freedom
    Blood Type:Tetra-Helic carbon/silicon based. Skin Color: Pale Blue, similar to a living rubber
    Other Remarks:proficient with sadistic interrogation, as well as learning medical and surgical training once joining the service. She is most pleased as a Medium Armor Pilot, and is highly skilled at maneuvering the lumbering war-frame out fitted with a light coil cannon 300 rounds four box magazines (hand held) , 20 anti-armor missile battery (left shoulder mount), and light field mortar (108mm) 20 rounds (mount right shoulder), and combat knife (magnetically mounted on the right calf). Frame is a little more than 5m tall, and well armored.
  9. lozzerwrites

    lozzerwrites New Member

    Aug 12, 2016
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    This is my main character, with whom I have a very love/hate relationship :D

    First Name: Anastasia
    Hair: Naturally long, blonde. Later on short and black.
    Middle Name: Helena
    Height: 5"10 (approx)
    Age: 25
    Body Type: Works towards being quite toned and physically fit.
    Location: West Indies
    Powers (if present): N/A
    Eyes: Brown
    Handwriting: She was raised with proper handwriting lessons, so by force of habit it's very neat and joined. This habit wanes over time.
    Eyebrows: Prominent, dark. Think along the lines of Cara Delevigne haha
    Outfit: When she's not forced into silk and lace concoctions, draped with petticoats and corsets, she takes things simple. Breeches and boots, with a lightweight shirt and an old jacket.
    Genetic mutations (i.e. freckles, red hair, dimples. If present): N/A
    General attitude: Cocky, naive, loyal, determined.
    Biggest Fear: Being locked away, having no freedom.
    Blood Type: ???
    Skin Color: White
  10. karldots92

    karldots92 Active Member

    Jan 4, 2016
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    This is my main character for my fantasy novel - bear in mind there are essentially 15 main character but this one is the main POV

    First Name: Jorin
    Middle Name: None
    Last Name: Baeil
    Height: 5'8"
    Age: 42
    Hair: Short light brown
    Location: An inn in the poor quarter
    Body Type: Slight build but wiry
    Powers (if present): None
    Eyes: Dark
    Handwriting: Has the ability to copy any handwriting he sees
    Nose: Small
    Music Taste: Doesn't apply
    Eyebrows: Short and neat
    Outfit: Black shirt, black studded leather vest, black tunic with two baldrics criss-crossed, one holding a bastard sword the other holding a light crossbow both across his back and holding a number of daggers across the front, black belted trousers with 2 kukri and a hand crossbow attached, soft black leather boots, black cloak
    Mouth: Small
    Genetic mutations (i.e. freckles, red hair, dimples. If present):
    General attitude: Cynical
    Biggest Fear: Being dependant on someone else or having someone dependant on him
    Blood Type: Unknown
    Skin Color: White
    Other Remarks: He works as a freelance bounty hunter but used to be a member of a government spy network. Having been ordered to infiltrate a cult of assassins became conflicted by his duty and his developing sympathies. Ultimately chose to do the "right thing" and destroy the cult he was then discarded by the government when he was no longer useful. Having destroyed his relationships as a result of his commitment firstly by "joining" the cult and then again by destroying it he now hires himself out to the highest bidder regardless of political or moral sympathies. He lives by his own moral compass and has an aversion to personal relationships as he feels that everyone eventually turns on him.
  11. I.A. By the Barn

    I.A. By the Barn A very lost time traveller Contributor

    Oct 26, 2015
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    19th Century
    Oh my gosh I couldn't deal with that! I thought I was being ambitious with two (not POV though, just one POV)
    He sounds interesting though, as does the story with fifteen mcs and the details you've let slip in the character description.
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  12. Cave Troll

    Cave Troll Who wants waffles...? Contributor

    Aug 8, 2015
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    Where cushions are comfy, and straps hold firm.
    I feel ya, I took on three. And that has proven to be a challenge all it's own. 15 just seems way to hard to keep track of. :)
  13. karldots92

    karldots92 Active Member

    Jan 4, 2016
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    Well 12/13 of them are a group together and share the majority of the action. The other two are "baddies" who each have their own story arc. The concept is that these are all middle aged guys who used to adventure together when they were young but went their separate ways. Now they have to come back together again and try to get over the distance between them and the various bitterness they feel toward each other from past arguments and what has happened to them since. The story starts with Jorin and the others are added over a number of chapters.
  14. karldots92

    karldots92 Active Member

    Jan 4, 2016
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    I actually have them quite well developed and they are very familiar to me. They have been all in my head for the last couple of years almost like a gang of friends (I do have real friends though just in case anyone was worried :p). So I know how they all react to different situations and what their general stories are and who loves who and who hates who.
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  15. hawls

    hawls Active Member

    May 24, 2016
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    First Name: Joe
    Middle Name: King
    Hair: in places
    Height: varies according to shoe
    Age: he does
    Body Type: human shaped
    Location: somewhere
    Powers (if present): they called in sick
    Eyes: yes
    Nose: yes
    Handwriting: award winning
    Music Taste: whatever you hate
    Eyebrows: yes
    Outift: on occasion
    Mouth: yes one of these as well
    Genetic mutations (i.e. freckles, red hair, dimples. If present): didn't turn up either
    General attitude: he can have
    Biggest Fear: a spider, specifically
    Blood Type: red
    Skin Color: translucent
    Other Remarks: it's almost 4 in the morning
  16. I.A. By the Barn

    I.A. By the Barn A very lost time traveller Contributor

    Oct 26, 2015
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    19th Century
    What's the spider called?
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  17. Simpson17866

    Simpson17866 Contributing Member Contributor

    Aug 23, 2013
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    Name: Alec Shorman
    Age: mid-20s
    Location: Moved to Virginia after he got out of prison, haven't decided where he grew up
    General attitude: friendly and outgoing. Willing to shoot you in the face if one of his friends tells him to do it, but he will try to be "polite" about it. Unless you hurt his/their feelings, then he will hold a grudge like a python peddling homemade diamonds (he also loves wordplay. I'm going to find a way to work that line in FYI ;) ).
    Blood Type:
    Hair: short
    Height: average
    Body Type: average
    Powers (if present) : starts out as a muggle in the first book, will (very slowly) develop Air/Fire/Water powers over the course of the series
    Music Taste: all over the place (Pop, Rock, Metal, Rap...), but his favorite songs are "When You're Evil" and "People Like Us"
    Genetic mutations (i.e. freckles, red hair, dimples. If present) :
    Biggest Fear: letting his friends down
    Skin Color: white

    Other Remarks: is both such a ruthless up-and-coming gangster and such a hopeless scifi/fantasy nerd that he takes great pride in describing himself as being Lawful Evil.
  18. big soft moose

    big soft moose Contributing Member

    Aug 1, 2016
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    Driving a tractuur in ciduur countree
    I don't generally create these for my characters as i'm more of a pantser , but here's my MC from my current WIP based on how hes developed so far

    First Name: Ben
    Middle Name: "the blade" more of a by name than an actual middle name
    Surname: Gibbon
    Hair: Shaved
    Height: 6'1"
    Age: early thirties
    Body Type: Lean but muscular
    Location: the land east of the wall
    Eyes: blue
    Nose: Broken (several times)
    Outfit: Combats and boots
    Genetic mutations (i.e. freckles, red hair, dimples. If present): Knife scar to left cheek
    General attitude: Cynical (particularly with regard to orders from above), insanely brave to the point of recklessness
    Biggest Fear: Cowardice
    Blood Type: O
    Skin Color: white
    Other Remarks: The conflict on attitude vs fear shows the internal conflict that drives the character, he's an incredibly brave man but he's been doing this (recon team leader) too long and hes basically broken inside by the constant danger and the people he's lost, so much so that his reputation for reckless bravery is actually motivated by fear of being thought a coward.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2016
  19. Simpson17866

    Simpson17866 Contributing Member Contributor

    Aug 23, 2013
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    I'm actually a lot more of a Planner (maybe 85-90%), but my "character sheets" tend to be a lot simpler than this too: MyersBriggs type, Dungeons&Dragons alignment, that's it

    Kyra Sylvan: Lawful Good ESFJ
    June Harper: Chaotic Evil ENFJ
    Damien Mitchell: Lawful Good ENTP
    Nathan Durst: Neutral Good INFJ
    Arachne: Chaotic Good ISFP

    Col. Leeson: Lawful Evil INFJ

    Shanjik: Lawful Neutral ESTJ
    Alpha/The Agent: True Neutral INFP/INTP
    Beta/Kathryn: Chaotic Good ISFJ
    The Second Alpha/Agent: Neutral Good ESFP
    Alec Shorman: Lawful Evil ESFP
    Charleen Petersen: Neutral Evil ISTJ
    Amy Carmine: Chaotic Evil ESFJ
    Jason Carmine: True Neutral INFJ

    "Lipstick" Tony Davis: Neutral Evil ENFJ
    "The KT Bomber": Chaotic Evil INTJ
    The Bomber's former human self from before being turned into a vampire in 1923: True Neutral ENFJ
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  20. Lyrical

    Lyrical Frumious Bandersnatch

    Jul 13, 2015
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    This character and his story are still in the early development stages. Some of these questions I hadn't thought about yet - like clothing. It prompted me to do a bit of research and see what would be most practical for his community. So I found this useful :bigtongue:

    First Name: Istaqaqoda ("Taqa")
    Hair: Dark brown
    Middle Name: None
    Height: 5'9"
    Age: 19
    Body Type: Athletic, large chest and strong arms - built like a swimmer.
    Location: The canyon river where he and his kind live.
    Powers (if present): None.
    Eyes: Hazel
    Handwriting: Doesn't read or write.
    Nose: It's there?
    Music Taste: The only music he knows is his people's music, something like tribal music.
    Eyebrows: Thick, brown.
    Outift: A fitted breechcloth, wrapped and tucked twice so that no bit of fabric hangs down (too much dripping when wet.) Nothing else.
    Mouth: Friendly, easy smile.
    Genetic mutations (i.e. freckles, red hair, dimples. If present): None
    General attitude: Pleasant, friendly, quietly determined, prone to self-doubt and envy.
    Biggest Fear: That he will never be known as anything more than "the retarded man's son."
    Blood Type: Not relevant.
    Skin Color: Red-brown
    Other Remarks: Taqa doesn't aspire to leadership, but he does wish to do something remarkable with his life. He wants to prove to himself that he is capable of bringing honor to his family, that he isn't simple-minded like his father, and to prove to the village that their care for him was not in vain. He has a complicated relationship with his father, who he deeply loves but also, in a small way he would never dare utter aloud, he resents for being different from all the other fathers. Taqa isn't the chosen one, Basa is, but he feels that he must make a name for himself within the shadow of the chosen one's destiny to prove his own worth.
  21. Vanthu

    Vanthu Member

    Jan 29, 2016
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    First Name: Kreszenz "Zenzi"
    Hair: Naturally brown, dyed blue. Sides and back are shaved, top is curly, and goes towards the front right.
    Middle Name: Djuradja
    Height: 5'6
    Age: 15
    Body Type: Inverted triangle
    Location: Lives in Aluma, Maynard, Famenta. Goes to school in Greenville, Gojian, Famentan Capital District
    Powers (if present): None
    Eyes: Brown
    Handwriting: Kind of fancy, with curly letters
    Nose: Low nose bridge
    Music Taste: Alternative rock
    Eyebrows: Glamorous natural
    Outift: T-shirts, dark slim jeans or knee-length shorts.
    Mouth: How do I describe this?
    Genetic mutations (i.e. freckles, red hair, dimples. If present): Dimples.
    General attitude: Positive
    Biggest Fear: They're pretty brave. Maybe their biggest fear is being afraid.
    Blood Type: B+
    Skin Color: I don't know. They're mostly Serbian, so just look at Serbian people.
    Other Remarks: Zenzi is one of the two nonbinary characters in my story, along with Enla. Their mother died after they were born, so they were raised by their father. In 2010, their father married Tori's mother, making them stepsiblings. Like my other characters, they live in suburban Gojian (the capital of Famenta), in Macoma County, Maynard, and go to school at Exeter Tertiary in Gojian. They're my bravest character, and the most protective of their friends.
  22. DarkusTerror

    DarkusTerror Member

    Feb 18, 2016
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    Main protagonist for my current work, I guess? This actually made me think - in my head, I know who she is, but I haven't really written down her traits.
    First Name: Celeste
    Hair: Long, flowing pink hair, bangs to the right side
    Height: Short to average? Actual values are irrelevant, but the ideas of 'short' and 'tall' are relative, so I'd much prefer for a reader to view everyone through relative lenses.
    Age: Technically 2, but physically 18. Yes, this will be explained a few lines down.
    Body Type: Thin to average?
    Location: I assume this is referring to where the character is located? If yes, then Eden, city of the Angelus. But she travels a fair amount, so...
    Powers (if present): Enhanced senses and physical ability, ability to 'soulshift', or manipulate soulforce, a quantum phenomena that exists in every living being in my world. Basically, the ability to control and shift certain amounts of soulforce between matter and energy states.
    Eyes: Amber.
    Handwriting: Elegant cursive when trying, very messy when not.
    Nose: Not relevant.
    Music Taste: Eden doesn't have much music, but classical from the few pieces it does have.
    Eyebrows: Attack eyebro-kidding, not relevant.
    Outift: Sleeveless white shirt with cut-out back (for wings), simple knee-length skirt with a sash around her waist, and that's about all that is needed to be described.
    Mouth: Normal? Again not relevant.
    Genetic mutations (i.e. freckles, red hair, dimples. If present): Not genetic but as part of her physique, Celeste has four white feathered wings on her back, and a much smaller pair on her head, just above her ears.
    General attitude: Naive, innocent, unwilling to hurt others. Respects life greatly and tries to avoid conflict when possible. Backfires horribly and she grows out of being overly-idealistic eventually.
    Biggest Fear: Losing the people close to her and being shunned for being 'abnormal' compared to other Angelus.
    Blood Type: Doesn't have blood like normal people, explained below.
    Skin Color: Paler than normal.
    Other Remarks: So Celeste is actually a Seraph, an artificial soldier created to be 'perfect', except she came out wrong. Instead of being emotionless, she is very empathetic and did not enjoy violence at all. She also emerged in a childlike state, which is why she is so naive about the world. As a Seraph, her body is made of altered soulforce, which is why her 'blood' isn't really 'blood'. Consequently, she cannot age, cannot get sick, and can morph her appearance with enough focus and experience (she never does). But as a side effect, she is sterile and cannot have children, and will outlive everyone she loves. Yeah.
  23. Terathorn

    Terathorn Member

    Aug 28, 2016
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    I have 7 MCs and a 5 page Character bio sheet *chuckles* This is light by my books :)

    Here's an abridged version of my favorite. :)

    Name: Major Jacob "Cerberus" Westlake

    Age: 45-47 (depending on book title)

    Location: Just outside Jupiter's gravitational arc. In transit to Neptune Gravity Well.

    Eyes: Steel Gray, Expressive when needed, otherwise, unusually expressionless

    Nose: Nothing altogether significant

    Eyebrows: Not thin, Not bushy. Mainly frowning

    Mouth: Spews like a sailor if provoked. otherwise completely unremarkable, expressionless.

    General attitude: friendly and approachable toward others. Will gravitate toward military personnel. Has a protective mentality and attitude toward non-uniformed service personnel.(i.e. Civilians) Has put his life on the line more times for his planet than he cares to think about, and will continue to do it, simply because its the right thing to do. Values honor and integrity, over test scores and personality profiles.

    Blood Type: O

    Hair: Brown, styled in standard 20th century US Marine Corps regulation.

    Height: 6'3"

    Body Type: Athletically Muscular (pre-genetics)

    Powers (if present) : Extensive training and Rank are the only "Powers" he wields.

    Handwriting: Simplified, variations of short hand

    Music Taste: 20th century "Classical"

    Outfit: Standard Earth Issue Thorite Battle Equipment. Or PDFMC Dress Uniform (station/planetary)

    Genetic mutations (i.e. freckles, red hair, dimples. If present) :None

    Biggest Fear: Losing men pointlessly.

    Skin Color: European Caucasian mixed with Native American. White yet darkly tanned.

    Other Remarks: Has served in Earth's defense forces in one service or another for 27 years. Lost his father at 12. His mother and only younger sister at 13.

    Hope you enjoyed.

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  24. Jarvis XIX

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    Aug 27, 2016
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    Torquay, UK
    First Name: Zachary (Zach to most, Zachy to his mother)
    Hair: Shoulder length, black
    Middle Name: Elijah (His mother was into the bible theme)
    Last Name: Preston
    Height: 5'7"
    Age: Mid to late 20s? Anywhere between 26-28, I'm not really sure yet.
    Body Type: Leaning towards underweight. He fills out and becomes athletic.
    Powers (if present): Zach has the ability to control and manipulate living cells. This "control" (as I'm currently thinking of it) firsts manifests itself as rapid self-healing, done subconsciously. He later develops his ability, discovering that he can heal others, then that he can manipulate his cells to perform better, or change entirely. He uses it to be able to run indefinitely without tiring, stops feeling pain, and realises he can change the shape, size and condition of his body. Things really come to a head when he realises that he can use this ability on others through skin contact.
    Eyes: Dark brown, narrow, sad-looking. His irises turn white when he uses his ability, leaving just a black speck of a pupil in a sea of white. His eyes widen too, as he feels heat and pressure behind them.
    Handwriting: Appalling.
    Nose: His nose is tall, I suppose, but not long.
    Music Taste: Grunge, Alternative Rock, Indie, Stoner Rock, Punk, some Metal. He was into emo but grew out of it.
    Eyebrows: Black and thick.
    Outfit: Band tshirts, jeans or combats, trainers. Unbranded stuff, old, worn-out, faded.
    Genetic mutations (i.e. freckles, red hair, dimples. If present): A very light scar on his forehead, like a small dent from being hit with a hammer when he was a child (not a mutation, I know but it seemed to fit here). Zach also has two unusual glands in his collarbone area, which seem to be actively doing something...and get hot and itchy when he's using his ability.
    General attitude: Withdrawn, private and mistrustful, but not entirely unapproachable. Zach is very enthusiastic, almost obsessive about the things he does like. He has a bit of a chip on his shoulder after suffering with bullying and racial abuse for much of his life, he now sees it everywhere, even when its not there.
    Biggest Fear: Coming home to find that his mother has overdosed.
    Blood Type: Odd.
    Skin Color: Brown. Most assume that he is Middle-Eastern, though he could just as easily be of Hispanic, Greek, even Maori descent. His white mother genuinely has no idea who his father was.
    Other Remarks: Three personalities inhabit Zach Preston's body, due to an acquired brain injury caused by the hammer assault when he was a child. The dominant personality is his own, sullen and sad. The second is the personality I'm currently calling "The Heartstopper", cold and emotion-free, but with a zealous moral code. The third is "Little Zachy", the little boy who truly died when he was assaulted.
  25. Cave Troll

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    Where cushions are comfy, and straps hold firm.
    First Name:My friend (and all others) call me Haley, but I am actually Z-25976.84 Cortex. But I like Haley better. Hair: N/A
    Middle Name: I am sorry, what is a middle name? Height: 853.1 Microns
    Age: 100 cycles Body Type: I suppose to your human intellect that would be non-newtonian
    Location: At the present in a Harpy 3, rather cumbersome wheeled vehicle. Though I was on a Hive Brood Science/Research vessel. Powers (if present): Ha, ha...
    Eyes: Well for the time being the sensor arrays in the Harpy. Handwriting: I don't know. Perhaps if I get a body at some point I will get back to you on this one. ;)
    Nose: Huh?! Music Taste: Well all types of music that can be picked up on Human radio. Though the more dance-able the better. :)
    Eyebrows: I am offended since I lack brows per-se... Outift: Again, this will only be answerable after I get a host body of some sort.
    Mouth: See the other comments about a body. Sheesh your starting to be irritating. Genetic mutations (i.e. freckles, red hair, dimples. If present): I can connect directly to biologic and machines with bio-tech interface. Though it would be painful for a biologic as it involves physically tapping into the nervous system and neural networks, there is a mutual benefit for the host body in this instance.
    General attitude: Sassy, and A little giddy for blood. But Typically within standard operating parameters. Biggest Fear: Oddly enough the inability to forget. Though I really can not, no matter how I have tried to delete certain memories from my expanse of memory banks.
    Blood Type: Sure blood...I am only functional because of the micro-fusion cell built into my external membrane tissues. Skin Color: How would I know, no one bothered to tell me.
    Other Remarks: Despite the only being I have known as friend. That of course being on John C. Merrick. I have not known much else since my inception on the Hive Brood Science/Research ship. Our Relationship is one that I will never forget. Though he was an engineered Human/Brood hybrid. He managed to break down my more logical side and barriers, and showed me how to 'feel'. I liked him, and found that Merrick was a most interesting subject of study for myself. Though I do not know you well enough to offer any personal data stored within my memory banks. In the 9 cycles I have known Merrick, he was a good bio-creature at heart. I know every facet of his life, he shared the best and worst moments with me, in long conversations. Though I found him most tedious and of singular thought at times, I have come to understand his odd persona. I was insulted to a certain extent that he would not allow me interface, but I honored his wishes on the matter as he would have erased me from what I am today. I miss him, as he finally found his mate that he went on and on about at length. Though from a prisoner that was sentenced to be recycled, Merrick had found and died with his mate. Though he sent this condemned to me, to find his stolen larva, Sherry. That was when they were first taken by the Brood and transformed by the Brood Genetic Technicians. Now with my friend terminated as a result of not getting the vital injection he needed to keep him alive, I must roam with this condemned to be recycled in the Harpy 3. To be fair I am starting to understand Merrick's wish that I find his long lost Sherry. With him gone, I have taken a liking to using the vehicles heavy plasma cannon against the Brood on Earth. Seems I am experiencing what Merrick called 'revenge'. Though I have not felt much more than what my synthetic synapse can register, I am in the process of taking that action. I figure I owe him that much, seeing as he was a good bio-creature to me. We shared an exchange of personal data, that I will not soon forget. He terminated with his love mate Patricia, and left me to find his 'daughter' that he called Sherry. Though she had been torn from the birth canal by the Brood, and now I am tasked with finding her, in honor of his inability to do so. So I roam with the branded, all across the mega cities and waste lands in search of her genetic signature. To drive the perilous journey in command of the Harpy 3, and take to the road with the might roar of the fusion reactor engine propelling the tank of an old war machine in hopes of finding Sherry.

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