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    Character comparison as an introduction....

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by WingDingGaster, Oct 18, 2016.

    This is a super-specific question, one that ideally I would have put in a simple Q-and-A thread if there was one, rather than giving it a thread of its own.

    How good of an idea is it to introduce a character by comparing them to another character....that isn't around or hasn't been introduced yet.

    I literally just started banging out some introductions today after forgetting about writing for a while. The intro I had in mind, and started writing, basically introduces an MC by contrasting them with someone else (whom the audience has not met, unless I actually ever write a prequel, but otherwise is described somewhat in following paragraphs. Again, only for contrast purposes though).

    Sorry if this is super-unclear. While introducing someone this way makes sense to me, who already has something of a "backstory" in mind, already knows about the characters being described, it doesn't seem too useful for the audience. So maybe it isn't the best idea.
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    What would matter to me most as you gave this comparison is that you do a good job of constructing both sides of the situation as the comparison goes on. You have to give me a file to reference for the comparison, so to speak, otherwise I'll get an Error 404. And if I never, ever have reason to know about {person being compared to}, then I'm not happy. That person doesn't have to be a player in the actual story, but their past presence needs to be a part of the story.

    These are my thoughts; mileage may vary.
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    It looks like you deleted the paragraphs showing your comparison. I'm not sure that's the best way to start a story, especially if one of the characters isn't even really part of the story. I could see this working if you are writing a character that is always comparing himself to this other character, but is the story about that? I'm not saying your approach can't work, but it's not one I would probably take to open a novel.

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