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    Character Transformations.

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by Humanity101, Mar 31, 2013.

    In my current book, I am trying to introduce a new character who will end up playing a vital role to the conclusion.. however I cannot decide what his powers should be. For the most part, the main character is a young adult who unleashes his family's curse which was laid upon them centuries ago. His powers are more kinetic... so he has the power of telekinesis and telepathy... however I need him to break.. as in a power over load but would it be too much if i made it that he became an Empath? Since Empaths have the ability to feel others emotions and influence them as well.. that would over power his telepathy and make him go mad.. would that work?

    The character I want to bring in will not be announced Light or Dark... I havent decided yet what it will be, however I do know that the love interest with the main character will be there...

    If anyone can help that would be so great, even ideas would help. If anyone wants to hear more about it feel free to ask.

    Thanks a ton!
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    Just to clarify, since HIS powers are what you want to decide and He will be romantically involved with the main character who is also a HE, both characters are male, correct?

    For your first (or second, you asked the first twice) question, you would have to give us at least some information to go on. Do his powers need to be compatible with your MC's? Do they need to be strong enough to stop your MC when he goes haywire? Are they completely irrelevant to your MC's powers? Does he have complete control/awareness over them?

    For your second question, you could make it so that he has used his powers so much that he initially has difficulty turning them off and later on he can't turn them off at all. That way he can hear people's thoughts but not when he wants to but rather all the time which could drive him mad. And Telepathy is not a kinetic ability.
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    What's your question? If you're asking if you're allowed to do something to your character - yes, it's your book, you can do whatever you like! It's fiction, so it's your job to make it believable.
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    Do you know what that vital role this character will play?

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