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    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by caters, Jul 17, 2016.

    I often identify my characters with physical or socio-emotional characteristics.

    For example Robin I would identify as this:

    A very muscular man that is knowledgeable and wise but also supportive of his wife Lisa. He is internally emotional but never shows it other than word usage.

    I would identify Lisa as this:

    A muscular woman that is knowledgeable but not always wise. She is externally emotional and really wants to have a child.

    Here is an example of what Robin would do:

    Is this believable? Would it actually help Robin to have a morning snack before breakfast if he doesn't have hypoglycemia other than perhaps keeping his digestive system strong?

    I am also wondering about Lisa. She wants to have a child now but Robin knows that if she does so, miscarriages, preterm labor, and starvation are more likely. Should she just abide Robin's advice and keep her anxiety inside(anxious, not fear)? Or should she become pregnant now despite the increased risk?
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    I feel that the descriptions aren't enough to answer the questions. And I'm not recommending longer descriptions, I'm recommending that you discover your characters' personalities while writing scenes.

    That said:

    You seem to be using "wise" to mean absolute practicality, but why shouldn't your character have a morning snack just because he wants to?

    For that matter, why is breakfast "a few hours" after waking? Why isn't it right away?

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