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    Characters Who Speak in a Dilect

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by sharonwagoner, Oct 27, 2012.

    Is there anyone on this forum who can recommend a book or site or help me out with plantation creole touched with French, dating from the 1780s?

    I am working on a novel set in the mid-1780s in New Orleans. My strength is knowing the complicated history of the time and place, but I am weak in the mixed languages spoken at the time. I need a correct few sentences expressing that a young woman of color believes that she has seen the Devil.

    I have someone who can help with the French, but am at a loss for the plantation creole.

    I do not want to do large amounts of dialect, because my readers will have trouble following it, but would like to do a sentence here and there for flavor.
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    go to your nearest used pb bookstore [or order used from amazon],get some of frank yerby's novels and keep 'em on hand for reference... that'll be all you need...

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