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    Checking local expressions in dialog

    Discussion in 'Research' started by ScottM84, Oct 13, 2015.

    I'm really not sure if it would be better to post this here or in general writing, but it seems research related to me. I have the drafts of a few Christian youth novels done with varying degrees of editing still needed. The first one is almost ready, but there's one more thing I'd like to do with it before trying to publish. The characters are from Saskatchewan, and I've never been there. I've tried to research expressions and idioms used there, and I found several web pages dealing with it that helped a lot. Even so, I'd like to have someone from the province check the dialog if at all possible. So far, I've been unsuccessful in finding someone.

    My question is this: if you've ever had someone from a location that a book was set in check something like that for you, how did you find them? It might even help if someone who has contacted someone in a specific region for research could weigh in as well.
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    You might want to get the Mods to allow you to change the title of your thread to something more specific, like : Need help with Saskatchewan dialogue. That way, if there is somebody on the forum from Saskatchewan who can help you, they'll be more likely to come forward. I think you've put your query in the right section of the forum, but the title of your thread is too vague.
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    I've not done this but one guess is to maybe see if you can find any creative writing groups in Saskatchewan, email them, and see if anyone there is willing to look your work over.

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