Please choose the opening paragraph that you would like to use in the next contest:

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    Choose the opening paragraph of the next contest:

    Discussion in 'Monthly Short Story Contest Archives' started by Gannon, Sep 2, 2011.

    The next short story contest is themed "Pre-written scenario". The idea of this contest is to all write a story using the same opening paragraph as your inspiration. The author may change the person perspective in which the story is written (i.e. from first person to third, or vice versa), but is otherwise expected to use the designated paragraph.

    Please help decide which paragraph is chosen by voting for one of the below options that I have just written. And, yes, in case you were wondering, there has been a spot of recycling with previous scenarios I've created.

    Please do not vote if you have no intention of entering the contest.



    I’m what they call a drifter, but this wasn’t always the case. Now they call me Wolfhammer, and I loosely call the circus home. For what it’s worth, back in Germany, I used to be called Gerhard. I bide my time because I know what is to come. It’s all happening exactly as she said it would.



    Sister Gabriella’s heart beat audibly as she caught her breath. Her quick feet still echoed around the stone corridors of the route. A number of papers were scattered on the floor. Carmen’s simple chair lay upturned amongst them. He was right, she thought. She’s gone.



    The stars comforted him little, though Ike stuck it out on the porch all the same. Her empty chair creaked next to his in the breeze. Ike missed the daily immersion of work nearly as much as her constant chatter. He wrung his worn hands against the evening chill. It’s time, he thought. First stop, the bank.



    There was no other choice, and though the idea repulses me still, the initial results were impressive. I felt better than ever, and I looked it too. Regeneration technology was outlawed, especially cross-species plasma salvage. Only later would I fully understand why.
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