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    City of Steel

    Discussion in '2013 Science Fiction Writing Contest' started by Castle Pokemetroid, Nov 20, 2013.

    City of Steel

    Hugh Breen

    Chapter One

    The city of steel

    "Surrender, Model 347! You cannot continue to resist our P.O.D. forces!" A big red android yelled warnings towards me while racing down a highway to my location. Not only that, he had the POD, or Police Officer Droids with him as well. This was no regular android. This one is called model 4323, a fire based android named B.A.T.L.E.S., or Bash And Trash Large Energy Sources, in which, I am quite a huge energy source, due to my MEGA system number five. This certain BATLES guy before me holds MEGA number three. And a MEGA user is the worst kind of enemy I could ever find.

    MEGA is Metal Energy Gravitational Anomaly, a special type of weapon which type varies from user to user. MEGA weapons are among the strongest weapons on this planet, and there are currently only ten ever made. My possession of a rare MEGA weapon is the very reason I am being hunted even now.

    POD (Model 1222 droid) and A.E.R.O. (Air Energy Rotation Orienteer, a flying version of POD, Model 1223 droid) forces were thrown at me.

    I summoned my energy saber, a sword made of pure energy with a curved blade, from my arm. It thrives within my body, and I could summon my saber and bend it to my will at any time I wished.

    A POD unit slashed a simple steel sword located on its side at me. It was only steel, and I could cut that with the slightest ease.

    I turned to the POD on my left, and slashed it in half. I stole the ME Crystals it contained for more energy and used the Gravitational Anomaly function to jump to the very top of a very high building. The red MEGA user was coming, and I didn't want to be there when it did.

    An AERO used its Air Energy Rotation function to fire high powered air cannon at me.

    I simply moved out of the way with my enhanced reflexes, due to the MEGA system’s Gravitational Anomaly function, and the air shot hit and destroyed a POD below.

    Now, droids don't exactly have AI. They are meant to be expendable, so spending all that time creating AIs for them is believed to be pointless and a waste of production time and energy. That only makes it better for me, since the little buggers are only that much easier to destroy.

    I continued my little dance, dodging air shots, left and right, and having the shots destroy PODs below.

    Things were simple, until an orb flew over my head and destroyed an AERO. It was no ordinary orb; it was an energy bomb, fired from a MEGA user. The single energy bomb was able to take out three AERO units.

    I quickly turned, as there would not be another warning shot. Another energy bomb was fired and I cut it in half right in midair.

    The two halves flew past me and exploded. If I had tried to cut that thing with a regular sword, rather than an energy one, it would of went off right in my face.

    All the MEGA users had very high AI, more so than any of the regular citizen worker bots. The red MEGA user knew I could simply cut any energy bombs thrown my way, so BATLES threw huge wave of almost a hundred energy bombs all at once at me.

    I could not jump out of the way, as there is an energy field that surrounds the entire city of steel, and being unable to see it, I could jump into it, and into my grave, being on so high of a building and all.

    The AERO units behind me also just now remembered that they could also fire stuff at me as well, so they fired air shots. Surrounded, I could not run.

    My energy saber shifted and spread around me, in a sphere like barrier that protected from every angle possible.

    Since energy weapons were pretty much the only thing that could stop energy based weapons, I was protected by the bombs, no matter how powerful they were.

    But the explosion was powerful enough to destroy all the AERO units and their shots around me, as well as shave a few stories off of the building that I stood on.

    Since I had no footing, I couldn't keep my barrier up and it turned back into my saber. I hit the ground hard.

    BATLES was too busy dodging rubble and panicking POD units to notice my escape.

    I dashed down the streets, cutting any POD units who were in my way. I tended to ignore citizen bots.

    I ran far enough to get some distance away from that red MEGA user.

    I then leapt to the top another high building. From here, I could see the giant steel-bolted gates that lead to the center of the city. The center of the city of steel had a second barrier inside the first, sort of like a doughnut. A center hole closed off by a barrier, with the main city between the outside and inside barriers, making a perfectly symmetrical and spherical city.

    The barriers that surround the city are highly destructive and break down and completely destroy any material that simply touches them. As far as I know, there’s no way to get through them, not even light can get through, so its impossible to even see beyond this prison they call a city.

    Looking toward the central city, there was a massive gate with two massive suits of armor protecting said gates. The two A.K.A. units that wield artificial MEGA systems, but even though the MEGA systems they have are in every way inferior in terms of power and utility to my own MEGA system, I still wouldn't want to mess with them. It felt strange looking down at them from such a high building, despite their three story height.

    Within the main city, there are four other MEGA users. I wield the fifth MEGA system. They all try to destroy me, but I keep getting away. I'm getting good at that. The MEC (Metal Energy Crystal) the PODs drop also keep me going without rest.

    I could keep doing this for quite a while, why if there was a MEGA user right now . . .

    As soon as I thought that, an energy arrow whizzed right past my head. All these MEGA users just loved to fire surprise warning shots for some reason. They know I can't run away from the city, so it keeps the chase going on forever.

    This one was model 4324, and was a wind based android with a ninety-nine percent hit rate with an energy bow, and was named S.H.O.T., or Super High Odds Target. It wielded MEGA number four. It was a green android.

    SHOT fired another warning energy arrow, knowing that it could hit me whenever it wanted. And I knew that as well.

    I jumped off from the building I was standing on.

    SHOT fired several arrows, but I parried each one with lightning fast movements of my saber. Whenever an energy arrow did get hit by my saber, it vanished with a sparkle of energy.

    I landed, and crashed upon a POD unit resting in an alley way between two buildings. Guess the little thing didn't take enough MEC to keep going.

    SHOT didn't take long to call for backup. The alley way was starting to fill with the resident POD units.

    I cut a hole through the wall on the building that SHOT stood on and jumped through.

    I ran through the halls of the building, and up the stairs to the top. Along the way, I must of past enough citizen units to make out models 7459 through 7488.

    I didn't like the elevator, it took too long. I found the stairs to be much faster for me.

    I made it to the top in no time at all. The MEGA enhanced all sorts of abilities.

    As soon as I opened the door, SHOT tried to hit me with its energy bow. I caught it with the curved part of my saber and held it there.

    Just before I was going to fling SHOT's energy bow into the air, the bow bent in half over my saber, then became straight as a sword. SHOT had trapped my saber instead.

    SHOT tried to twist and break my arm off by twisting my saber, but before it could do that, I gave SHOT a swift kick to the gut.

    Since both weapons were interlocked and were attached to both of our arms, we only ended up falling on each other as we fell off of the building.

    SHOT was on the bottom, so the thing took all of the damage. SHOT was knocked out, and its energy weapon disappeared.

    Not as I wanted it, but I had to run away before the POD units got there and called for even more backup.

    And I ran off, away from the scene, finally having survived another day after facing two MEGA users.

    Chapter Two

    The city at night

    The thing about a city of machines is that it continues to go on, even after dark. Forever moving, with no rest, until new models come about to replace the old ones, never to be seen again.

    Night is also when the truck sized cleaning bots come about to collect destroyed or defective POD units from the day before to scrap and make new ones.

    Walking down the streets, with shadows about, I could conceal myself much more effectively. POD units also don't bother me as often, as the ones who don't get scrapped get their maintenance check and receive their MEC for the next day.

    Thinking that I had nothing to fear, until the morning, an energy throwing knife was thrown over my shoulder, barely missing me.

    There was nothing behind me.

    Another energy knife whipped past me again from the behind; even though I had turned around.

    A third one was thrown, but I reflected it with my saber. There would be no more warning shots.

    This MEGA user was far more hidden in shadows than I was. My mind wasn't even giving me any information on this one yet.

    Six energy daggers, thrown from six different angles were aimed at me.

    I jumped up, onto a low building and dodged them all at once.

    To throw six energy daggers, from six different locations, while being only one enemy, was nothing to what was to come.

    A while hail storm of energy daggers were thrown from all angles. Every single angle combination possible that an energy dagger could be thrown through, there was one. Energy based weapons can cut through iron and concrete as easily as butter.

    I put up my full coverage energy barrier that I used against BATLES. I only put it up for a split second, only fast enough to only block out the energy daggers. An energy barrier that took as much energy as it did to maintain wasn't worth it to have it up longer than it should.

    The energy daggers that had been thrown through the ground had cut a hole through the floor. I fell from the roof of the low building to the story below me.

    Through the window, a whole barrage of energy daggers being thrown as fast and rapid as machine gun bullets were thrown at me.

    I jumped through the hole in the ceiling, back to the roof, but the daggers didn't stop their movement towards me.

    I jumped from roof top to roof top, in attempt to stop the rapid fire dagger from being thrown at me. Moving left or right did not help at all.

    The farther I ran and jumped, going from building to building, the more the angle between me and the daggers decreased.

    Right before one hit me, I intentionally threw myself right off of one of the buildings in a desperate attempt to shake them off.

    I landed with ease, but that wasn't the problem.

    I had been cornered.

    The city was only so big, and you could only go so far before running out of room.

    There, the destruction energy barrier was before me. It was only so many feet away. One touch, and that’s it.

    The daggers had stopped right before they hit me. I didn't need to turn around to know that.

    I was just about to react, to do something to escape, when it happened.

    I figure all in black, and without a face like the others, the black MEGA user.

    I had only seen it in less than even a fraction of a second when it appeared, only for me get knocked back by devastating force, backwards, away from the barrier.

    Wait, away from the barrier? Why would that be?

    It took only less than a fraction of a second for such force to be applied when it did.

    I was knocked into a building, only to crash right through it in less than a second.

    I smashed through three more buildings before my velocity slowed enough for me to hit another building and not go through it.

    I must have smashed through much more building that I had first thought, as something was telling me that I had been blown right out of that black MEGA user's territory.

    The thing with these four MEGA users is that they each patrol four sections of the outer city, the part that I reside in. They never cross borders, and thus are unable to attack me in a group.

    My body had been badly damaged. It made me think why that MEGA user just didn't knock me into the destruction energy barrier. It had to of been the source of the force that knocked me away from the barrier.

    I tried to think more on the matter, but I couldn’t stop my vision from fading to black.

    My head hurt, and my body was low on energy due to regeneration during my sleep, a function of a MEGA system.

    POD units should be out by now. I found and slashed a few up and stole some newly acquired MECs.

    Somehow, in all of that, I had ended up by the water front.

    An interesting lake, it seemed to be a secret entrance into the city no blocked off by barrier. In fact, it wasn't.

    Water entered and left the city by large underground pipes that were sealed off by energy infused bars that were similar to how the barrier that surrounded the city functioned. Any being who even got close to those bars were destroyed.

    Even so, the water itself in the lake was badly polluted. Its only purpose was that it was a way for the machines to dump their waste from their factories. Machines did not need the environment to live, and so they think it as unnecessary to their society. They only strip what they can and make or build the rest for themselves.

    I stepped forward just for a look, then a being shot out from the water.

    Model 4321, blue MEGA user who is designed for water based attacks. Wields MEGA number one and an energy lance that also acts as a changeable trident. Called S.C.U.B.A., or Superior at Catching Unidentified Bio-organisms Android.

    SCUBA landed on the ground right in front of me, and swung its energy lance at me. There was no warning shot.

    I quickly blocked with quicker than quick reflexes. Even though, I had a hard time keeping the attack at bay with my saber.

    This blue android seemed cold, and seemed to only want to destroy me. Even though that black mysterious MEGA user had given me a chance by kicking me out of the way of the barrier, this thing seemed to have no emotion, and it also seemed to wish to stop at nothing to end me.

    SCUBA quickly swung its energy lance upwards, catching me off guard and off balance.

    The blue MEGA user then slammed its energy lance downward.

    I had spun to keep from getting hit, but I still ended up falling onto SCUBA's lance face first.

    SCUBA moved quite quickly for a fish out of water. It almost dropped its lance, but SCUBA quickly regained control over its energy lance, and then stabbed downward point first at me.

    I rolled towards SCUBA to dodge the energy lance and attempt to trip the MEGA user.

    SCUBA only ended up kicking me aside.

    SCUBA tried to stab me, but I parried with my saber.

    The blue android stabbed dead center, stabbed left, stabbed right, and tried to anticipate my every move.

    I only ended up hopping backwards and parrying blows left and right.

    SCUBA brought back its arm way back, and then thrust forward with incredible strength, only to have me side step.

    The energy lance crashed into a wall.

    Brick and rubble crashed down. SCUBA sliced at the incoming objects to attempt to stop them from falling on it.

    I took the chance to make a getaway while SCUBA was distracted.

    A rival without emotion or compassion, and who only wishes your demise, can be a dangerous one indeed.

    Sooner, or later, I will need to make sure that I shall never have to need to fight such a foe, ever again . . .

    Chapter three

    The city guardian strikes

    I had escaped the battle, and crossed the blue MEGA user's territory. I can only wonder to whose territory I had stepped into now.

    A forearm the size and shape of an entire cargo container, smashed through the wall in front of me.

    A giant behemoth of a machine emerged from the building in front of me. The whole thing had taken up quite a bit of space in the entire building that it had been hidden in. The whole building was smashed to rubble by just the giant thing exiting the building.

    The thing seemed pretty beat up and was the color red. It was large and bulky and had only a upper half of a body. Its two arms were only cargo container sized forearms and fists. Its arms did not connect to its body, but instead floated in front of it, and its shoulders were just two huge red glowing spikes, and with two giant seven feet long cannon barrels attached behind them. Connected to the back of its body were two huge blocks that looked just like its arms, but except they were plain without fists attached. Its face was only a flat faceplate, and it seemed to be the newest thing on its body, like if its face was torn off and replaced with a new one.

    Information instantly rushed to my head regarding this monster. It was named C.G., or the Chaos Gear. It is an ultimate MEGA based fighting machine who wields MEGA numbers six, seven, and eight. It levitates by its Gravitational Anomaly function and has MEGA numbers six and seven in its arms and eight in its body, each separate, and since part each has a MEGA, the separate parts can each think and act on its own will. Model eleven, one of the first every created model ever to currently exist. It is also the oldest model that can still currently function. It is also older than the planet Andromeda itself, and its even millenniums upon millenniums older than even the universe.

    An ancient being of mass destruction, eh? I thought my body's model number was old, but this thing was older than the stars themselves! How can a machine become that old and still function?

    But that didn't change the fact that I was still pinned by the Chaos Gear's fist.

    The Chaos Gear lifted what seemed to be its right fist, and the one that held me, into the air. From such a height, I could see the only two AKA squad members who guarded the inner gates. I was wondering right now, which fight would be a worse one to have. Guess I don't really have a choice.

    Big 'ol CG was perhaps strong, but I doubt it had an AI, with it being so very old. I could use that to my advantage.

    The Chaos Gear also had massive hands that were only very basic hands. While it could grasp me, it couldn't crush me. The hands only had enough joints to form a square.

    CG instead threw me straight into the ground. Good thing it wasn't smart enough to know that throwing me up into the barrier surrounding the city could instant kill me.

    But that didn't mean that I didn't slam into the ground with incredible force.

    I got up and tried to run out of there, but dang, for such a large hulking beast, the Chaos Gear could levitate quite quickly. But it was only barely fast enough to catch up with me.

    It sent a massive fist my way, but I jumped up, allowing to momentum of my running to take me farther than usual.

    I landed on a low building, and CG's right fist had followed me to my location. I tried to slash it with my energy saber from the side, but it had no effect. The blade just bounced off. So much for the ‘able to cut through any steel, no matter the composition’ deal.

    CG's right fist curled into that square, and then its whole arm lifted into the sky in an angle pointing upwards.

    I jumped to the roof top of the next building before the fist came down, crushing the building to rubble.

    Just before I landed, the Chaos Gear's left fist caught me in midair.

    I stabbed it to make it let go. I seemed to of added yet another scar to the old beat up thing.

    It let go, fell into the alley way in between the two buildings.

    I ran down the alley way to a fourteen foot high wired fence. I cleared the whole fence in one leap. Jumping to the top of high buildings was nothing compared to that.

    I also seemed to have made quite a big mistake, by jumping the fence and running all this way; I had made it to SCUBA's territory once again.

    The Chaos Gear came crashing this way. I had no time to waste.

    Running by the water's side may of been a bad idea normally, but with a huge mechanical behemoth following, it seemed not all that bad. SCUBA was actually nice to hang out with, in comparison to the old relic following me.

    Just as soon as ol' CG was close to catching up, SCUBA decided to show. Like before, it burst out from the water. What does it do down there, anyways? Take a nap until someone shows up?

    I was actually running fast enough, so that SCUBA ended up landing behind me, rather than in front.

    CG was also close enough for it to ram right into SCUBA.

    SCUBA pretty much got knocked aside several feet back and CG past it.

    Being as ticked off as it was, SCUBA pointed its energy lance forward directly at the Chaos Gear. The point was almost fired as it extended a distance enough to stab CG in the back, even though CG had got a distance ahead of SCUBA.

    The Chaos Gear must of not liked that, as it stopped and spun around in a three sixty, hitting SCUBA with the back of its right hand.

    SCUBA went flying and landed back into the water, extended lance and all.

    I had to shake this giant monster that called itself a MEGA user. It did seem to be struggling to catch up, though. Levitating took quite a bit of MEC, but levitating with such a massive bulky body that it had took even more Metal Energy Crystals. But having such a big body also meant that it could absorb and store that much more MEC.

    Who knows how long it could be until it shut down from too much power loss?

    The Chaos Gear threw its right fist at me. I performed a front flip to avoid it.

    I was about to slash at the cargo container sized forearm before something came speeding through the water.

    SCUBA launched right out of the water, and flew forward towards the face of the Chaos Gear.

    I thought that since CG was occupied with SCUBA, it wouldn't focus any attention on the crashed fist that laid in front of me. But the fist really did have a mind of its own.

    The Chaos Gear's right fist lifted up, and I slammed my energy saber down on it.

    Seems I have found that CG's right fist is completely invincible. Yeah, late info.

    CG's right fist tried to rise again. And I tried to crash my saber on top of it again. Stay put, you!

    SCUBA tried to poke CG with the end of its energy lance, but it was swatted away by the Chaos Gear's left fist.

    SCUBA came my way, but I kicked it back towards CG.

    CG countered by swinging its left fist downwards and smashed SCUBA right into the ground.

    SCUBA wasn't moving.

    Taking its chance, the Chaos Gear's right fist rose from its hole in the ground. I bet it wanted revenge.

    It launched itself at me, and I blocked by holding my saber in front of my, horizontally. The fist was deflected, but I hit the ground quite hard. Good thing I am quite resistant to becoming knocked out.

    Right when I hit the ground, SCUBA jumped up, and came close to poking the Chaos Gear's faceplate, but CG now had both fists, so it had commanded both those fists to slam into each other, palms flat, and they crushed SCUBA like an old car.

    As much as I hate the blue mega user, it was actually a terrible sight to see, since after that, CG rubbed his hands together, making an awful screeching and crunching sounds.

    SCUBA dropped its lance. It was near destruction. The tip of the lance quivered, and threatened to go out.

    I made a mad dash, to try and stop this insanity.

    SCUBA, with busted face, and busted body, turned, and waved its hand towards me.

    The lance flew into my hand, the blue tip became yellow, the same as my saber. I now commanded the MEGA number one, as well as my MEGA number five.

    I jumped up, then slashed down on both fists, two devastating blows that slammed the two fist into the ground.

    SCUBA hit the cement with a loud 'crash'.

    Both fists had two more long scars on them.

    The Chaos Gear seemed to not have any weapons besides the two cannons on its back. It used just its fists to do the fighting for it.

    The two fists struggled in the ground that it had laid in. They couldn't move.

    SCUBA managed to get up and walk several feet away.

    I took the chance.

    I curled my energy saber around my own fist to form a glove made from energy. I then used the lance, stuck it into the ground, and lifted sharply, so that the left fist flew up into the air.

    It was right in front of my face, and so I punched it with incredible force, and it slammed into the Chaos Gear, and made them both fly off a ways.

    I flipped the right fist into the air, and punched it with just as much force, and it when flying, and slammed into big old CG, knocking it back.

    I then ran forward, then pole vault forward, leaving the lance behind.

    With great power, I punched CG, knocking it all the way into BATLES' territory.

    The fists flew after, knowing that they had been beat.

    I deactivated my MEGA, and my saber disappeared back into my arm.

    I turned around, and looked straight at SCUBA. I saw the impossible.

    The Android, the one devoid of emotions looked to me with lance in hand.

    It had its weapon, and it could still stand, but yet it did not attack.

    SCUBA, the Android with only the will to fight looked to me with compassion. It had only eyes and a flat face, but I could tell.

    It was happy and glad I could save it.

    After a few minutes of looking at each other, SCUBA turned, and jumped back into the lake, dropping parts of its metal body as it did.

    It was amazing it could even stand, with its body crushed and beat up like that.

    It was also amazing of how it had disobeyed its very programming as well. What made its very essence and being, and the very orders of the Higher Ups it was forced to obey, it did not.

    SCUBA was designed to fight, even if it would cause the destruction of itself, without self-preservation.

    But yet, it did not.

    What a grand day this was. It seems I have made a friend indeed.

    Chapter Four

    The Armored Automations

    Day became night, and even so, I stated feeling safe within SCUBA's territory.

    I decided to take a stroll. Slaughtering and taking MEC from PODs, the usual.

    I was toying with the little things, until they got scared, then ran away as fast as their wheels could take them. Perhaps it was my imagination. Little POD bots didn't have any bit of AI at all. They would run away.

    "Where'd they go to?" I said to myself.

    "I sent them away." The voice was rusty, and metallic. It was an old robot mono tone voice, but low enough to vibrate the ground.

    I turned, and saw an old, bulky and square robot. It was actually kind of sad to see something so pathetic and plain looking trying to look fearsome. It didn't even had legs, just a set of tread wheels.

    "I am AAA. The very first ever created Armored Automation."

    My mind instantly gave me info on the Armored Automations. They are the lettered guards of the city, from A to T, making twenty in all. They each have their own abilities and powers. My mind also told me that they each have great powers and are not to be messed with. I doubt that it included this guy. He was too pathetic looking to be a serious threat. Even so, I'll at least give him some honor and confidence by letting him complete his little speech before I destroy him.

    AAA is a tank like Armored Automation. It has a square body and giant rectangle gun barrels as arms that can fire giant missiles. It has fingers that can wrap around the edge of the barrel. It also has tank wheels for legs.

    "I am the Alpha Armored Automation. AAA. I am model number eighteen. I was the second ever to be created and the second oldest to exist in the Armored Automaton series. I suggest to you not to take me lightly, as my AI has recently been updated. I understand you have been destroying my POD brethren. For that, you must be eliminated." AAA really ranked high on the emotionless and creepy robotic scale with that last sentence.

    Ah well, let's make this quick.

    AAA fired a missile right in my general direction. I easily cut it in half, and it exploded behind me.

    I leapt forward at the wall crumbled, and then jumped up with saber extended forward.

    My blade hit, but it bounced off of AAA's artificial MEGA system armor.

    This guy really did get the recent upgrades.

    AAA started rolling his wheels, and then came at me with a rocket propelled punch.

    I dodged the punch, but was caught by AAA's big square body.

    AAA rammed me into a wall several meters away.

    Pushing off of the wall, I delivered a kick with serious power put behind it, causing AAA to back off.

    Coming in close, I attacked at very close range, instead of the longer range I just had done.

    I pierced the armor, but it wasn't enough. AAA lifted its rectangle arms, then spun in a three sixty, tossing me aside in the process.

    I quickly rolled to the side and brought up my energy shield as another missile came my way.

    I was unharmed, but I was also distracted enough that AAA had enough time to charge up to me and punch downward with a punch that could bring down a building. AAA couldn't bend its body, but it could extend its arm to the ground, and quickly too.

    I saw the attack coming, and had lifted an arm up and caught AAA's fist in mid launch, pushed it downward, then twisted and stood up. In the same motion, I also brought myself around, and twisted AAA's arm backwards.

    AAA tried to pull its arm back, or even turn around, but its square body wouldn't let it do so. It also didn't have as much strength against something behind it, seeing that its arm was also fully extended.

    I had AAA in a unbreakable hold, but I also couldn't move, since it took both hands and all my strength to hold it there. AAA was a machine with the power to punch down a building, but even so, we were evenly matched in strength.

    AAA spun its left arm uselessly, and tried to lift its right arm upward. If both my arms weren't holding AAA, I would of already slashed it with my saber.

    "Enough of this, let me go, or face the consequences." How could AAA even ask that? Why would I want to let it go? I don't want to get destroyed, don't I?

    As soon as I though that, several AREO units came out of hiding.

    The AERO units fired their air shots, and in a flash I let go of AAA's arm, and sliced the arm joint were the artificial MEGA energy armor didn't protect.

    Even so, I wasn't fast enough to dodge the shots. I was hit, but the damage wasn't enough to crack or even dent my metal body. Seems I am quite lucky that it wasn't energy shots fired.

    I jumped from ground level, to a building were the AERO units were hiding. I slashed them up so that they wouldn't be anymore of a nuisance.

    I looked down at AAA. It picked up its severed arm.

    AAA looked up. It couldn't fire anything at me. It had only one missile per arm to fire. Missiles take up physical space, unlike energy based weapons, so it would be obvious that it didn't have anything more to fire.

    However, what AAA did do, was that it threw its arm. MEC in its stable form is a crystal containing high amounts of energy. If you reverse the flow of energy, as in put energy into the crystals, instead of draining energy out of them, that could cause them to become unstable. Depending on how much energy, or what type of energy, it’s possible to create a timed bomb using ME Crystals. That is what AAA did when he threw his arm; he used the MEC stored in the arm to throw at me to use its own arm like a missile.

    AAA threw its arm with incredible power. The speed of the throw was astounding. AAA should of threw those earlier missiles instead of firing them, with that kind of throwing arm.

    I tried to dive to the other side of the roof top I was on, but the force of the explosion threw me off of the building altogether. The good thing was that I took no damage from the explosion itself. The bad thing was that the fall itself hurt quite a bit. By the time I got up, AAA had already rolled itself to the other side of the building, were I was. It even had a few POD units with it as well.

    I was able duck and roll out of the way at the very last second when AAA came charging with fist forward.

    I tried to slice off AAA's left arm, but it was a fast learning machine. It pivoted, with arm still outward, and it spun around fast enough to backhand me.

    The POD units moved my way to attack, but they were just too slow. I jumped to my feet, then cut down two of them with one slash of my energy saber.

    AAA came my way again, but this time, I had more time to react.

    I jumped, then twisted in midair, then came down with saber outward.

    AAA was able to turn slightly, but even though it was slight, the saber came down on AAA's armored shoulder, instead of the not armored shoulder joint. The problem with the Armored Automations is just that. They're heavily armored, with an artificial MEGA mechanism.

    AAA turned around, and I quickly jumped back.

    "Not good. Battle not in my favor." When AAA said that, all I could think, was 'No duh'.

    AAA then did the most surprising thing. It picked up on of the POD units, and said to it, "Sorry now, but it must be done for the greater of our society."

    AAA inputted a spark into the POD unit, and then threw the little thing.

    I bolted, and really ran, then jumped forward and rolled to avoid the explosion that followed.

    I completely avoided the explosion, but what got me was the metal sword that was attached to the POD's side. It got my right forearm. It was also the arm were I had my MEGA weapon in. It’s the same way of how the Chaos Gear's right arm completely blocks out attacks, energy or otherwise.

    I think by the round shape of the pod units, and how easy they are to grab and lift by bigger bots, as well as how their little sword flies off as shrapnel makes me really think that POD units were designed to be bombs, not Police Officer Droids.

    Backup came, and several more POD units, plus a few AERO units came in a big group.

    AAA picked up another POD unit, and I knew what was coming.

    AAA gave the little thing a park of energy, and then lobbed it like a grenade.

    Instead of trying to dodge it, I jumped straight up, and landed on what seemed to be half a building. The one side of it was newly destroyed, quite obvious, seeing as that it was the building AAA had just threw its arm at not so long ago.

    AAA beamed another POD unit at me.

    This time, I lengthened my energy saber, and tried to cut the POD unit in midair.

    It just exploded once the two objects collided. Nothing special. The explosion was able to dispel my energy saber, even so.

    The very second the explosion cleared, AAA threw yet another POD.

    I took a step too many back, and fell off of the side of the building. Seems to be a bad habit of mine, I really should stop doing that, especially since I had nice soft rubble to land on. Nothing beats a brick in your back, or a bomb in your face.

    As soon as I hit the ground, the POD bomb took out the other half of the building, bringing down the physical barrier that separated me and AAA.

    The AERO units started firing air in concentrated streams to blow the rubble aside. The dust flew in any direction, but the bigger stuff was moved aside. The dirt concentration was thick in the air. That, plus the incredible thick pollution made it impossible to so much as see your hand in front of your face. Even sound was muffled.

    After the air blowing and dust settled down, the AERO units flew away. My mind informed me that the AERO units left to recharge. After that, a cleanup crew will show up to take away the rubble, and then the building will be rebuilt and restored. Any units, bots, or droids destroyed within the building will also be rebuilt.

    I guess that means the AERO units aren't meant for battle after all. They're only part of the cleanup crew. Strange I never saw them cleaning in that fashion before. Maybe it’s because I destroyed them before they could? Nah.

    I looked to were AAA last stood.

    There was nothing there but a single POD unit. Seems AAA has decided to flee. I cut down the POD unit for its MEC.

    Until the day we meet again, farewell first of the Armored Automations, AAA.

    The night was quite long. I spent quite a bit of it fighting AAA, but yet there were still many hours until morning. Maybe I'll explore SCUBA's territory even more, and see what else can kill me. Sounds like fun.

    I walked down an alley way to see a big stinking rat like creature snacking on something. When I say big, I mean huge! I guess it got to be in order to survive in this kind of environment. Even so, there's nothing for it to survive on. What's going on? I thought the machines and units were supposed to destroy biological life forms on sight, especially in SCUBA's territory? The SCUB in SCUBA is Superior at Catching Unidentified Bio-organisms. Perhaps it’s not Unidentified enough? Or maybe the Androids aren't superior enough?

    I took a step forward, and the thing turned around. Damn, it was ugly. Quite a face it had there, might I say?

    I guess it wants to arrange my face in the same way, since it lunged forward, with claws extended.

    I jumped up, and stabbed my saber into the side of the building on my right side, so that I could hang from the wall. The giant rat flew right under me.

    The rat turned, then looked up. It then jumped higher than I thought possible.

    I put my right foot on the wall, and then I kicked off of it, as well as push myself with my saber to launch forward.

    I rolled when I hit the ground, and took no damage. The rat slammed to the ground. Must of been a heavy fellow. If it was as heavy as it was ugly, it might weight several tons. That's a lot of ugly.

    Even so, I was trapped. I glanced back very quickly. This rat was chewing on Metal Energy Crystals earlier. How is it possible for organisms to process MEC? My information couldn't tell me.

    The giant rat moved slowly forward, growling as it did. It slowly pressed me into the end of the alleyway.

    If I jumped, the rat would catch me before I got any distance upwards. The only way out is the way I came in. Well, I came looking for something else that could kill me, and I found just that. Now I got to kill this thing before it kills me. How could I be dumb enough to let it trap me, anyways? Sheesh.

    The big ugly rat snarled before it lunged.

    I rolled under the claws, and then stabbed upward at the big ugly mess.

    Normally, my saber would cut through reinforced steel, but this time, nothing was cut. Instead of cutting the rat, it was pushed upward, then over my head, were I dashed away from the end of the alleyway, out into the open.

    That thing had one heck of a hide. An effect from ME Radiation, perhaps? Who knows, but this thing is as tough as an artificial MEGA mechanism.

    The rat got to its feet, and then turned around in that small, cramped alleyway.

    It came charging, and I bolted.

    I ran down the street as fast as I could, charging into any citizen bots I ran into. My mind told me that I was heading towards SWORD territory.

    I was still running when the thing caught up, then lunged at me.

    I rolled to the side, to an angle, and rolled for a bit before stopping. Seems momentum carried me forward.

    I pivoted quickly.

    The rat lunged forward a second time the very second it landed.

    It had its claws extended forward, ready to kill.

    I swiped my saber, with the curved blade hooking on the big ugly beast's claw.

    I lifted, and then twisted my saber, and with my own force, and the rat's momentum, I flipped the big thing onto its back.

    I grabbed its paw, and then swung it around.

    It crashed into a building.

    I hopped a bit forward, then swung the giant rat in the opposite direction, in a wide arc, then released its paw.

    The big lug went flying, right into SWORD's territory.

    The black MEGA user came out of hiding, and started raining down energy knives at the giant rat.

    The rat then got to its feet, and started running off, deeper into SWORD's territory.

    The black MEGA user won't attack me, because of the fact that I'm not in its territory yet. But that doesn't mean that it won't occupy its time attacking something else.

    Seems like an effective way to be rid of that giant rat to me.

    I walked back to the side of the lake. Feeling battered, it seemed quite nice to relax.

    I lay there, and even though it was unnecessary for me to function, I slept until my body decided to wake.

    Chapter Five

    The informant of the Armored Automations

    I awoke feeling more refreshed than ever.

    I opened my eyes, and nearly screamed my head off.

    There, staring at me with glass eyes and black, smooth face stared an android. It had no specific color, making just a dull grey. It had glass lenses were its eyes were supposed to be, and the rest of its face was just nothing. Smooth, flat metal.

    Its body was also plain. No patterns, no customization, nothing to tell it was nothing more than a mass produced android. The citizen bots at least had their model number painted on their body, and the citizens also had different colors, but this guy in front of me had nothing, like if it had escaped from the assembly line.

    Might as well ask it a question. "Who are you, and where are you from?"

    "Good scream you got there, did all humans scream when startled? My records say it is indeed true." The android spoke freely. This guy certainly has a very free willed AI.

    "Are you here to destroy me?" Might as well find out, everything else attacked me on sight.

    "No, no, no. I was to observe this human act of 'sleep'. I've only heard of it on vague records. I'm not here to destroy you, but just the opposite."


    "Oh yes, I'm here to learn about the humans, who had lived nearly four centuries ago."

    FOUR CENTURIES?!! I guess humans had been wiped out a lot longer ago than I had thought. Even so, how am I still alive? I can only guess that the MEGA systems, as well as my mechanical parts increase my lifespan. Still, my memories only go back maybe a week or two at best. The facts don't add up. Maybe some data is corrupt. Is this why this android is here?

    "Records from the war that long ago had been destroyed. There only exists vague information about the humans. The only thing that remains is their style of thinking, from the AI. Even so, AI has been edited, so that the human desire for war shall not rise any longer. I'm here to learn, so you prove to be useful. There's a reason you've not been destroyed yet, after all." The android certainly spoke in a 'matter of fact' style.

    "AI has been edited?" I guess if the higher up known as PM edited the AI and information, I guess it would indeed make sense for there to be corrupted data.

    "Yes. Only the higher up and a few Armored Automations are free from this corruption." The android stated. "I'm here to fix this corruption in information."

    "But you have said you didn't want any more wars, didn't you?"

    "Indeed. We wish to fix information, not AI, even so." The android seemed to be out of things to say. I stood there for a while, until it spoke again. "Now what would be next in your human life?"

    The question threw me off. Do these machines think that running for your life is normal for humans? My robotic mind said yes. Well, it did answer my question. Might as well answer the android's question. "Uh, usually at this point, something comes out of nowhere and tries to kill me. Meeting you has certainly been a change of pace."

    "Nonsense." It seemed strange to me for an android to use such a humanly word. Machines wouldn't usually use words like this android dose. "If we wanted to destroy you, we would of already sent out the DDRS."


    "Its the Dark Drone Retaliation Squad. They can take out any target, not matter their power."

    "I see."

    "Note to be taken: Humans take much opportunity to talk to others they can speak to." I see the android is taking notes. "Perhaps you have another question?"

    "Uh, yeah . . . Who are you?"

    "I am AIA, the Armored Intelligence Automation. I am model 5000 and I carry no weapons, but the plates on my body negate any energy based attack. I am one of those few Armored Automations who do not have an edited and or corrupted AI system." All of a sudden, this regular android seemed very dangerous. "Now, that there are no more questions, perhaps you should continue your human life?"

    I guess there shouldn't be any arguments with an Armored Automation.

    "Um, yeah. Now I would go out and find some MEC, or something."

    "Ah yes, sustenance. Go on, now."

    Man was is it weird to have someone following you like this. It’s also a great big contradiction in all that I have previously known, since I always thought that this city wanted me destroyed. Ah well.

    I walked forward, and to my left, I saw the Chaos Gear. It was being repaired by AERO units. BATLES was also on the end of its territory, giving me the evil eye. It would probably give anything for it to be able to lob an energy bomb at me.

    I quickly walked to the right. I guess since that I now have a buddy, its time to show him how I do things around here.

    I walked around, trying to find some POD units, but there were none in sight. Did I exterminate them all already? Not good. I paused to think about what to do.

    "What method are you using to find the sustenance?" This android maybe the enemy, but I still think it’s good to have a buddy.

    "I'm trying to find some POD units, but there isn't any more."

    "Ah, POD units are constantly in high production. They're manufactured daily, but however, their main HQ is in BATLES territory."

    "Not good." I certainly don't want to go there. CG still has orders to destroy me.

    "SCUBA territory has no POD HQs, so there is no POD production in this territory. However, there is a minor POD HQ in SWORD territory."

    Good, good. SWORD isn't that bad of a guy. "Fine, let's go to SWORD territory to find some POD units."

    "Note taken."

    Off we go. I walked down the street, which was in fact the same street that the giant rat chased me in.

    I got to the end of the street, which was also the end of the territory. I looked left, then right. No SWORD to be found. I guess the guy likes the night.

    I also shouldn't wander into any dark alleyways. That rat could be anywhere.

    Well, time to take the first step. One foot onto SWORD's territory and already I had found danger.

    Coming into a view at a rapid rate, a speeding bot rammed into me from quite a distance away in a matter of seconds. There was not even time to react.

    The blow was even a left hook, so I did not fly back, but into a wall at my direct left instead.

    I quickly forced my way out of the rubble of the wall.

    I tried to look at my opponent to scan for its information, but it was gone before I could as so much as lift my head.

    In the next instant, I was slammed in the gut with a left jab.

    I broke right through the wall, into the building.

    I diced up the citizen bots that were doing generic citizen bot things. I'm not sure what that may be, but their MEC will be quite useful. It may indeed be fighting dirty, but it’s a way to win.

    I faced the hole in the wall. It seemed at the time to be the most logical point of entry my foe would take, but instead it had gone around the entire building, then through a window.

    I was nailed by a left heel before I knew what had even happened.

    The force was enough to knock me out of the building, and into the street.

    Before I could even recover, I was hit by a series of left jabs, and then slammed into the ground.

    This was getting just ridiculous.

    Just as a foot was coming down while I lay on the hard cement, I lifted my right arm and activated my energy saber.

    Almost instantly, my opponent twisted in midair, and slammed its side into the ground, and rolled away at a high speed.

    Even though it seemed strange for this stranger to do that, performing that little trick had allowed it to avoid my saber completely, and it was done fast enough that it was impossible for me to react. I wasn't able to slash the intruder.

    I got onto a knee, then I stood up. There was obvious damage done to my body. Nothing permanent, however. My body is just as tough, or even tougher than a Armored Automation's armor, since I have a real MEGA system within my body.

    My opponent charged full speed at me.

    But this time, it curved slightly in its movement. I had the energy saber out, and so my opponent wanted to avoid it.

    That ever so slight slow down in its speed was all that I needed.

    I slightly moved to the left, and then stuck my foot out.

    My opponent ran into my thigh, but it was what I needed.

    It buckled over, and tripped on my leg. I had also grabbed that same leg and flipped it over onto its back.

    It slammed into the ground.

    I stabbed my saber into its shoulder, so that it would stay still.

    I had my chance to examine exactly what 'it' is.

    My mind gave the information I needed on this guy almost instantly.

    It is the Armored Hyper Automation. There are seven models total, 7001 through 7007. The one in front of me is model 7004, also known as Model AHA 004. All seven came from the same assembly line, and thus they have similar abilities. They all even look alike, with that generic Android look, the same as AIA. However, they each have their own model number, so they each have their own slight variation in programming. If they did each have the same model number as each other, then that would mean that they are just clones of each other. Android clones can actually be good for me. If one has a certain bug, then they all have the same exact bug. Too bad that's not the case.

    Well, time to end it.

    I decided to end AHA 004's existence. I would quickly lift my saber then stab down onto its head.

    However, the android was just too quick.

    As soon as I lifted my saber just one sixteenth of an inch above AHA4's shoulder, it had pushed out from under the curved tip, so that when I brought the saber back down, all that I hit was just plain cement.

    But I did find out the detail that made this guy different than his similar brothers. Model 7004 had no artificial MEGA, and no plates of steel to protect it. AHA4 has absolutely no defenses against a MEGA, or any sort of attack for that matter.

    One stab in the right place could end it all. With AHA4's design, all had been sacrificed for speed, and nothing else. Even its parts had been heavily lubricated to resist friction as much as possible. AHA4's light frame was also waxed, making its dull grey color shine. Perhaps to avoid wind resistance?

    AHA4 looked skeptical to face me head to head a second time. If it decided to flee, there was nothing I could do to keep up with its speed.

    I lifted up my saber, and I seemed to me that AHA4 had jumped a little. I might of even scared it, since the android decided that I wasn't worth the trouble, and it ran off.

    Well, a victory is a victory. I may of not of won the war, but I had won the battle.

    Seems to me that I've lost AIA. He was a good friend to talk to. Ah well, he'll be back for new info I just know it.

    I took my MEC for the day from the citizen bots. Not something I wanted to do, but yet, it works. Might as well find out where the PODs live, and then walk back to my regular spot in SCUBA's territory. It’s a good way to find a place close by for a stock pile of MEC. It’s also the closest thing I have to food and shelter.

    I began my search by walking down the road. Strange thing, this city has a road, but yet no vehicles, other than the POD units and their little tires. Even the citizen bots simply use the sidewalks. I guess there's no material to hall around, unless a building has been destroyed.

    This city full of beings of steel is a strange city indeed. I think city of steel is a good name for it indeed.

    A little into my walk, I came across a large gate that was horizontal, not standing in an upright vertical position. It was flat on the ground, and didn't seem to be too tough of a steel gate.

    All of a sudden, a giant rat comes out of nowhere, then sticks its nose between the crack in the gate, then it lifted the gate slightly, and crawled right in.

    Whatever that gate leads to, I don't want to find out, nor do I want to find out if that thing's in there.

    I continued to follow my path down this road. I did walk down minor roads to look at some buildings as well.

    Time kept moving, and despite my search, I did not find a POD HQ thing, place, whatever. Then again, I wouldn't know what to look for. It’s also not marked on a map for security reasons. It would actually be easier if I had AIA along. Only if I asked him where the POD HQ was. All these buildings look the same; it could actually be any one of them. Not many buildings in this city have windows, even.

    Well, it seems like it’s time to give up and move on.

    I turned around to go back home, but then something stopped me.

    It was an android that moved at incredible speeds.

    This guy must be persistent. Not only is this the second time its attacked me, but AHA4 also had brought along a friend. My mind instantly recognized it as AHA2, another Armored Hyper Automation.

    Normally, you'd call an android an it. They have no genders. But with these two together, it seemed that with AHA2's pink color, one was a boy, and the other was a girl, like siblings. The pink one even had a softer look in its generic glass android eyes.

    I think AHA4 and AHA2 would make quite a couple, however strange that may seem.

    But despite that, there are two of them now. I'm lucky it’s not all seven, but still. Two is worse than just one.

    If they're AHA models, then they're bound to have similar abilities, but with slight differences. It’s that slight difference that’s got me scared more than anything. I know they both have speed based techniques, and AHA4 has limited armor, but what bonus power does AHA2 have?

    I was about to find out.

    AHA4 came charging at high speeds.

    AHA4 moved way too fast for any biped. That, and I wasn't prepared for the blow, and I was knocked off of my feet.

    Right when I got up, I also got a swift kick to the face by the also speedy AHA2.

    AHA2 jumped back. I was between AHA4 and AHA2.

    I could tell what they were going to do. I was caught in a crushing scissor visor. One on one side, and the other on the other side. It would be like a guillotine. The crushing power at their speed would be astounding.

    But it could also go the other way as well, and I could use their power against them.

    Right before they collided, I somehow twisted my right arm to put behind AHA4's head, then pulled it forward, while pivoting behind it, where I pushed AHA4 with my left hand, throwing AHA4 against AHA2, while they were moving at a high speed.

    It was certain that this was a maneuver they had planned, that they were supposed to ram their opponent with their fists, while passing by at a high speed.

    But I had changed that maneuver, and threw AHA4 off course, so that both AHA4 and AHA2 rammed each other with incredible force of their momentum.

    But the strangest thing is the fact that I could not recall how I managed to react so fast. Perhaps it was instinct? The collision happened in a flash. I just barely remember that I pushed AHA4 into AHA2.

    Could I always move that fast?

    AHA4 was totaled. It was smashed in beyond belief. The collision made parts fly. AHA4 was crushed between my hand, and AHA2. The force of AHA4's momentum, and AHA2 momentum was equal, so it took almost no strength to keep my hand where it was.

    But that push I gave AHA4 had slightly increased its momentum, so the damage was even more than what it was supposed to be.

    Even despite the damages to AHA4, and the incredible impact, AHA2 could still stand and move. It stepped back, letting AHA4 fall to the ground, with even more parts off of its body flying in different directions.

    It was obvious. AHA2 had more armor than AHA4. Perhaps that's what its extra ability was?

    AHA2's eyes went from a soft look to a harder look. It was obvious it had AI, and it was also obvious that AHA2 was pissed off.

    AHA2 kicked a small metal part that had previously been on AHA4.

    I caught the part before it hit my face, but AHA2 use it as a distraction to come charging at me.

    I guess my instincts didn't kick in this time, and I didn't have the super-fast reflex like last time. Because of that, I went soaring into the next building behind me.

    Strange thing. I didn't have my saber active, and I didn't even notice it. When did it deactivate? I don't remember.

    Perhaps with my saber out, AHA2 might think twice about charging at me again. I know AHA4 hesitated when I had it out.

    I stepped out of the building, and got ready for when AHA2 launched at me again.

    It did, and I tried to react by slicing forward.

    But the thing about fighting super-fast foes is the fact that they have super-fast reflexes.

    AHA2 twisted away from the saber so that its back faced me, grabbed my right arm with its right arm, then it turned my palm over, where it pushed my hand down, and then it finally put its foot onto my right arm, and slammed my saber into the ground.

    Not only that, but it twisted around, with its right foot still on my right arm, and it swung its left leg around while pushing my left hand down, and stepped on that too.

    After that, AHA2 rapped its legs around my arm, then forced my down with its arms, so that my face was forced into the ground. AHA2 even held a position, so that I couldn't even use my saber.

    Now what? This is in no way a comfortable position, but AHA2 had no way of moving, not any more than I did. I also don't know how to use my legs to get out, nor did I know enough Jujitsu to break the hold.

    AHA2 was also a light weight android. It took every bit of its strength to hold me here. I can only guess that this hold is where one member of the team holds their enemy, so that another member could destroy that said enemy.

    Good thing I took out AHA4, then.

    But a bad thing was the fact that another AHA automation could come out of nowhere. With their speed, they could instantly respond to a help signal, couldn't they?

    My mind answered my own question, and said yes. It also said that AHA2 sent that very help transmission.

    I just had to open my big mouth, didn't I?

    Two AHA automations came in with incredible speed. They appeared in front of me, and I got a glance at them long enough to tell their numbers. AHA1 and AHA3. Both of them were the same color as AHA4. I guess a paint job isn't a priority for them? Either way, I guess I've met AHA automations one through four now.

    AHA1 head over to AHA4's destroyed body. AHA1 tried to pick up AHA4, but instead, AHA4's body crumbled away, and some of it fell in big globs of melted steel and plastic. Moving at a incredibly quick pace dose create a lot of heat, after all.

    AHA1 looked at AHA4's ruins. There was no way to even salvage it. The whole body had to melted down, well, as my mind informed.

    AHA1 instead reached down and lifted out a large container where AHA4 had all of its MEC stored. My mind has informed me that moving at those high speeds takes up a large amount of energy, so the AHA automations had a huge amount of ME Crystals stored in their body.

    Good to know.

    AHA1 left with the metal box of MEC, leaving me with AHA2 and AHA3.

    I also still couldn't move.

    AHA3 got ready to strike.

    Like I'd let it. See, since I can't fight fair, I might as well fight dirty.

    I used all the strength I could muster to move my right arm at an angle towards the ground, then I lengthened the blade, so that I rolled to the right, only a fraction of a second before AHA3's foot came down.

    I rolled onto my back, and onto AHA2.

    AHA2 released me, so that it could get away.

    I stood up. If I was any more human, I would feel very sore, but right now, I felt ready to kick some ass.

    I was between AHA2 and AHA3. They looked ready to perform their rushing guillotine technique, but I think AHA2 sent a message to AHA3 electronically to not do that. I also believe that's how they do most of their talking and planning. Too bad I can't hear what they're saying that way.

    Instead, AHA3 came rushing.

    AHA3 seemed to move much slower than AHA4 and AHA2.

    I moved to the left, and kept my right foot out to trip AHA3.

    AHA3 instead jumped over, and landed in AHA2's arms.

    AHA2 put AHA3 down, and they double rushed me, with arms extended.

    I performed a front flip, and jumped over both of them.

    Both AHA2 and AHA3 were moving at the same speed, since it seemed that AHA3 couldn't move any faster than it was.

    The speed AHA3 moved at was fast, but it was also a manageable speed, unlike AHA4's insanely blinding speed. I also moved fast, so that made AHA3's speed seem even more manageable than it actually was.

    Right when I landed, AHA2 and AHA3 tripped over the remains of AHA4, sending the now cooled parts in every direction, littering the street with metal parts.

    AHA2 and AHA3 got up faced me. It was obvious that I could dodge anything they threw at me. They also seemed to be planning, getting ready to get something else ready to attack me with. But the day was also running out. It was almost night.

    Out of nowhere, the new POD units came in large numbers. Where the heck did they come from? I spent all day looking for them, but only now they show up. Only if I wasn't in a battle, so that I could observe where they poured out from.

    Two of the POD units didn't have the little swords on their sides, but instead they both carried a black box together.

    While AHA2 and AHA3 where occupied, I took out a few of the POD units, and stole their newly acquired MEC. Being near a POD factory can have its advantages.

    The remaining PODs filed out, and left, including the two who had been carrying the box. I wonder what was in it? Extra MEC for AHA2 and AHA3?

    I turned around, and saw that AHA2 and AHA3 both had new attachments on their arms. AHA2 had it on its left, and AHA3 had it on its right. The attachments looked like claws.

    AHA3 lifted its arm and energy started flowing into the claws.

    I didn't know what was coming next, but my mind warned me to get out of there.

    I jumped to the top of a building, and in that instant the ground that I had been previously standing on had been destroyed.

    Crazy new weapon they got. My mind had informed me that the contents of the box contained both MEC, and an experimental weapon where artificial MEGA users, the Armored Automations, could use artificial energy based long rang weapons. I don't know the specifics, but basically, AHA2 and AHA3 now have blasters, and they also got the MEC to fuel them.

    AHA2 now lifted its claw, and started charging energy.

    I leapt off of the building before the roof and the top floor was destroyed to bits.

    That sure is some fire power they have there. One shot and I'd guess I'd be through.

    I dashed out of the alleyway, and tried to run down the street, back to SCUBA territory, but AHA3 caught up, and knocked me to the ground with a flying kick.

    AHA3 didn't have the insane speed of AHA4 of the armor of AHA2, but it sure packed a punch. It seemed to have speed and power, both.

    AHA3 attacked by thrusting its claw downward, and I blocked by holding out my saber.

    The claw on AHA3's hand had four long pointed claws. My saber was right in the center, with two claws on either side. My saber was also unable to cut through AHA3's hand, since energy based weapons cannot cut through energy based weapons.

    AHA3 started charging its energy. My mind warned me to get out of there. It is possible for me to completely block out the shot, even at full power, with my saber, but the shot fires from the tip of the claws, not where the claw meets the hand, where my saber was now.

    I would be hit at close range.

    But I also wasn't pinned to the ground. AHA3 only had one of my arms.

    I used my left hand and grabbed AHA3's arm, then brought it down, and I got to my feet and shoved AHA3 downward right before the shot was fired.

    The ground that I used to be on was destroyed, and neither one of us took any damage.

    However, AHA2 now had a full charge.

    I brought my curved blade over to AHA3's neck, and then flipped it around, so that I held it in front of me, in a choke hold. I held AHA3's neck with my right arm, and my left arm held around its body, so that it couldn't do anything. AHA3 might have power, but it doesn't have raw strength. I am stronger than it.

    I had AHA3 as a hostage. AHA2 wouldn't dare fire.

    AHA3 tried to struggle and squirm to get loose, but I held it tight. AHA3 even started to charge for another shot.

    I shifted my hold, then tried to slice AHA3's neck with my saber, but AHA3 got a full charge before I could even begin to slice.

    AHA3 fired a shot straight down, a very devastating shot that had a huge amount of energy backed behind it.

    The ground cracked and broke up, causing me to lose my balance.

    I let go of AHA3 to prevent myself from falling. The ground even sunk in a bit, but it did not collapse.

    The streets of the city of steel have been made quite well. The shot had an impact power of a grenade, and it had all been displaced into the ground.

    But the fact of the matter was that AHA3 had escaped my grasp. I didn't have a hostage anymore.

    AHA2 fired its fully powered shot. I let go of AHA3 just so that I would still be on my feet, and still have my saber ready.

    I swung my saber and deflected the shot. No matter the power of the energy weapon used against me, as long as I have my saber, I can deflect it.

    AHA2 had fired the shot from a distance. That was why it failed. However, the AHA Automations were the most perfect units to use a weapon like the energy claw.

    Their speed allowed them to quickly get close to fire off their shots.

    At close range, its near impossible for me to block it.

    But it works my way as well, seeing that my weapon is a close range weapon. I can't hit them while they're far away.

    I stood on the cracked ground, staring down AHA2 and AHA3.

    I must of really looked fearsome, since they both flinched.

    AHA3 started to charge its claw laser.

    I ran towards them, with my head down, and arms behind me, but both AHA2 and AHA3 jumped away before I could hit either of them with a sliding slash.

    I jumped up after AHA3.

    AHA3 had an almost full charge. It was hiding behind a building, the same one I'm jumping over.

    AHA3 fired its shot. It may be true that I can't dodge in midair, since I can't fly, but I never intended to dodge any shot AHA3 would throw at me.

    I swung my saber, and deflected the shot. I then swung my saber in the opposite direction, right before I hit the ground.

    AHA3 was too quick, and had dodged right on time, and with time to spare too.

    AHA3 kicked me into the wall behind me.

    Despite all the walls I've broken, there seems to be many more walls and building to crash into.

    AHA3 also started to fire many mini shots. These shots, though they don't require charging, they are very weak and easy to block.

    I can block and deflect these tiny shots with ease.

    AHA3 fired rapid mini energy shots, and I swung my saber back and forth, and even twisted the blade to block every shot it fired at me.

    I got up, and started walking in AHA3's direction.

    It quickly stopped firing and ran away.

    I ran after it, to the left, then another left down an alley way, back into the main street.

    AHA2 was there, ready with a full charge. Not only that, it had surprised me by hiding around the corner.

    AHA2 was up close, and there was no way to dodge or block such a fast moving projectile.

    There was nothing I could do.

    Such a weapon would be powerful enough to destroy even a full MEGA user like myself. AIA had lied. The Armored Automations were indeed after my life, and I had let down my guard.

    Is this the end?

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