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    Classic Fantasy and Paranormal -Is there something in Between?

    Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by Keitsumah, Feb 7, 2014.

    Hey guys, I kind of came across this realization while i was working on my book. Though I consider it a High Fantasy type, i got to wondering about the stereotypes that the average reader may have about books, be it Fantasy or Paranormal.

    This idea was further fed by this: http://mythicscribes.com/miscellaneous/fantasy-fiction-too-safe/

    And it got me to wondering: is there something in between? Looking back at my book again, i realized i used a lot of things from both sides of the genres. Many of my creatures are inspired from paranormal or horror books that i have read (such as Shifters, which were originally like werewolves until i threw a few tweaks in), or just completely made up for want of shocking readers with something new to sink their teeth into. But the world it is set in is not too far off from either Christopher Paolini's Alagaesia, or the famous wintry realm of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

    This is more curiosity than anything, but i was wondering whether there was a genre for books "between" those two, since my story may have developed into something that walks that very fine line.
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    If there is something I think my book would fit there. It's about a man in NYC that finds out that he can do magic. He learns from a mysterious man that his mother was a powerful sorcerer from the world "Unnamed" (Thinking of Alcardiah, a variant of Alcardia used so many times.) He finds himself trapped in that world and has to get home. Basically. Not going to go into the storyline now because its irrelevant. But my point being, my story contains aspects from both high and low fantasy i guess. It has the classic magic and wonders in one world. But also the low fantasy aspects in "our world"

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