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    Classification study.

    Discussion in 'Research' started by brutemaw, Mar 17, 2016.

    I've been going through a bunch of online articles going over the behavior or certain types of birds, bovine, and felines for the sake of developing breeds and higher and lower classes of mythical flora and fauna. This is fairly easy when it comes to remaining on the internet, but having a specific book I can delve into would be much more helpful.

    Are there any specific textbooks that show precise observation about lower classifications that isn't an encyclopedia? Any recommended wildlife books that I can easily get my hands on at a library or bookstore? I know it seems like a vague question or request, but not every science textbook goes over the right information.
    • social behavior among their own kind
    • social behavior regarding humans
    • the push of human society against their habitats
    and the animals I am looking for various species of deer, birds of paradise, and wild horses.
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    I don't have anything specifically useful, but it occurs to me that you might want to look at books about agricultural animals rather than wildlife. Humans don't have to care how wild birds protect their young, but they care very much about making sure that the current crop of chickens or turkeys--for example--survive.

    (I was fascinated by the things about turkey mating and motherhood in Animal Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, but that's a pretty long book to read just for some turkey trivia.)
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    I would bet that if you took that list to a reference librarian they could find you exactly what you need. If you can think of a question, someone, somewhere, has written their dissertation on it!
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    Don't any of the internet sites you visit have references?

    I googled Golden Eagle, and Wiki has 288 references.

    If you're looking for just ONE book for delving purposes, google a few of your favourite birds/animals, and then pull all the references into a spreadsheet and see if there's one book that always turns up.

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