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    Discussion in 'Book Discussion' started by -NM-, Mar 19, 2008.

    Couldn't find this anywhere else, so...

    I'm reading book two (When True Night Falls) of the Coldfire Trilogy at the moment.

    I quite liked the first book (obviously or i wouldn't have got the second :p ).

    Black Sun Rising

    It is a dark fantasy, with bits of your stereotypical fantasy mixed in with..i won't say horror, but just 'dark' aspects if you catch my drift - involving demons, vampires, etc..

    A brief outline of the first book for you, without trying to give too much away:


    Setting: Erna (In the future, a planet colonized by humans)
    Main Characters: Damian Vryce & Gerrarld Tarrant (The Hunter)

    Main plot of the first book:

    Rvd. Damien Vryce is a sort of religious bounty hunter (if you will) who's job it is to dispatch various demons created by the planet (i'll explain later). He meets an adept named Ciani and falls for her. Ciani is then robbed of her memories by some strange creatures, and they set out to find them and kill them, thus hoping to return her memories (without which she can no longer be an adept).

    They meet Gerrald Tarrant along the way and he joins their party (which also consists of Ciani's friend Senzei..forgot that bit :p)

    When the creatures strike again they realise that Gerrarld Tarrant is The Hunter (a creature/man who legend has it dwells in a forest and hunts women - bringing them to the very peak of their fear and then feeding on it).

    It's difficult to say too much without giving away big parts of the plot, so lets just say more discoveries are made, and they all set out to find the creatures who took Ciani's memories.

    Oh yeah, i mentioned the planet creating demons. Well the whole planet uses something called the Fae, which is controlled by the human subconcsious (adpets can control it more easily though). There are different types: Earth fae, tidal fae, dark fae, etc... and they are all used for different purposes. And the subconscious of the inhabitants often creates demons (ever seen The Forbidden Planet? Then you'll know what sort of thing i mean.)

    That's all you're getting from me, if you want more you'll have to read it :p

    But i'd give the book a 7/10 overall. (Marked down because of some grammer/spelling mistakes, etc..)


    By the way i didn't read any other posts here before making this, so this might not be the way you want reviews to be done, so...:p

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