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    Hello everyone,
    My name is Pablo Castelo. I am the author of "El Fondo de la Espiral". If you search for my name or my book on amazon, you will see the book in two versions, B & W and color.
    The color version is fully illustrated, imitating the Illuminated books of hours created in the Middle Ages, the Book of Kells or The Codex Gigas. The graphics were made from digital images, hand drawings, acrylic paintings and even photos of sculptures made by myself. Some digital images were created with parts taken from royalty free DVDs. Some other images were created entirely from scratch, like some of the collages that accompany each and every chapter.
    My book can be considered as a combination of fantasy and scientific divulgation. A priest accompanies one of his students in his initiation journey along a pilgrimage pathway. Things get complicated and they end up living an unexpected adventure. In each chapter, through the conversation between the priest and his student, the reader can learn something about Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and History. The matter and thread of these conversations along the chapters are related. The thread of these digressions evolves with the challenges of the adventure and becomes a key in the solution of the mystery behind it.
    This story takes place in an imaginary world and follows the journey of the mythical hero archetype, thoroughly examined by Joseph Campbell. Depending on the culture of the reader, his level of education or his literary knowledge, she/he may recognize some analogies and references to our reality, the history of our civilization and even our universal literature. This allows the possibility of different levels of reading of the same book. Someone will recognize a reference to a chapter of Cervantes; someone else who loves mathematics or art, will identify an Escher's maze or one of his tessellated landscapes. Most readers will only see an adventure. Although the story can be interesting for everybody, the book is aimed for young people inclined to soft science.
    The book was written in Spanish. I am determined to translate it to English. I would like to create a small group of writers or good readers, enthusiastic enough to participate in the developing of the English version. You do not need to understand Spanish. From time to time, I will give you what I think is my best translated version of every chapter. Then, I will wait for your review and comments. In return, participants will receive a color printed copy of the English version and their names on the first pages of the novel.
    The novel is divided in twenty eight chapters. The black&white version, which is more compact, is comprised by 300 pages including a good amount of graphics. If anyone is interested, let me know, using my email: perigono@gmail.com. Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you. Please, share what has inspired you to join the group.

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