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    Concrete Eden

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    Concrete Eden

    The soft grass he felt at his back plunged him into a world he knew all too well. The beautiful blue sky hovered above him; graceful wisps of cloud entangled the burning sun and bird sung melodies filled the scene with a background of elegance. Preparing to get up, he outstretched his arms and felt the bare skin of a woman laying next to him.

    “Isn't it beautiful?” she said.

    He didn't answer, instead he rose to his feet and began walking. She came after him and putting her hand on his shoulder said

    “Adam, isn't it beautiful?”

    He longed to scream at her, take out a blade and thrust it into her chest, he could do neither. He ached to do the same to him self but again he could not.

    “Yes it is Eve”, he found him self saying.

    Gazing at the amazing world around him his mind felt imprisoned, trapped in enemy hands. But his facial expression and body language told a different story, his eyes met everything with awe. His mind paced back and fourth, angry that he was once again here but his body stood awestruck; mesmerized by the Garden of Eden. Adam was in wonder, Karl Stills was angry and confused.

    Just ahead of him, Adam saw a little girl standing in a clearing; she beckoned for him and Eve to come over. She was no older then eight or nine and wore a cream dress with a rosy red bow in her blond hair.

    “Do you like the world I have created for you?” she said.

    Before they could answer, the little girl continued, “I am God, the creator of the heavens and earth. You stand in the Garden of Eden. Everything you could possibly desire is here for you. The only thing I ask of you is that you do not go near any other human beings apart from each other and me. Do you understand?”


    “Mr Stills, Mr Stills, Mr Stills!”

    A sudden vibration woke Karl Stills from his dream. His hover car rocked side to side quickly and his chair vibrated.

    “Mr Stills!” the on board computer exclaimed again.

    “Yes I'm awake”, he moaned.

    Propping him self up in his chair he rubbed his eyes and said Computer, how far away is it?”

    “Time City is 11km away, sir”, it answered.

    Stills was shaken from his dream like he always was after he experienced it. It filled him with doubt about his mission. His people had given him a manual to help him over come any feeling of doubt he might have.

    “Computer, bring up 'manual 22' please.”

    He began to read it from the screen, it was very patronising and obvious but it was something he could confine in.

    'Manual 22'
    'In the beginning God created the universe. Upon the earth God created human beings, better known as Human Colony Two, the enemy of our people. God bestowed the planet Issa with our people, Human Colony One. Our people are a loving race that believes in peace for Issa and everywhere else in the universe. Human Colony 2 are a vile and destructive race, poorly representing our people. Humans are not destructive creatures, we love everything in the universe and we live in peace with it. That is why-'

    Stills had read enough. He had heard this propaganda a thousand times over and knew it wouldn't make a difference.

    “Computer, open viewing window.”

    With a small piston sound the metal went up and the sky was revealed to him. It looked just like the sky in his dream and it pushed him further into his depression. He turned his head away from the gleaming white clouds and the overwhelming sunlight that entered his domain.

    His dreams of being Adam in the Garden of Eden was confusing him. Was God trying to tell him something? Was God trying to stop him? That question hung like a forbidden treat, dangling from the rafters of his mind.

    A smile began to cross his face, the great Karl Stills could defy the most powerful entity in existence. He could take out an entire race with two bullets and denounce the power almighty creator.

    “You can't scare me, oh' holy one!” he roared. “Computer”, he bellowed excitedly, “Engage self drive!”

    The steering wheel popped up in front of him, he gripped it tightly and pushed it forward violently. His hover car plunged down through the clouds at a ferocious pace. Stills had found him self again, as he always did. It was always amazingly simple for him to break a depression, a challenge here, a critic there, he loved to prove to people that he was the best and who better to convince then the almighty creator.

    This had lit a fire inside him like nothing else could and as his hover car flew down through the clouds he almost completely let go of reality. As Time City came into view, it's brilliant presence gripped him and brought him back into rational thinking. He quickly slowed his speed and began to take in the amazing sight.

    “Time City, population 9.5 million, sits at the bottom of Mt Crystal. It's famous research tower...” the computer began.

    “Silence please”, Stills demanded.

    He was awash with awe, his eyes ate up the image like a starving dog, chomping away at the amazing sight it begged for more and Time City fed them generously.

    Time City was built around it's research tower, the tower specialised in time travel research and until about seven months ago had been unable to provide the world with the luxury of time travel. The tower rose way above any other building in the city, like a sewing needle it stabbed through the fabric of the land and towered its way up through the sky with dominance. It was dwarfed however, by Mt Crystal which loomed in the background.

    Stills's awestruck aura was quickly destroyed by approaching traffic.

    “Computer”, he said, “Engage auto drive and follow directions for hanger 433 please.”


    Hanger 433, like all other hangers in Time City, was the rotting insides of an otherwise seemingly beautiful fruit. It was rust stricken, it's mechanical workings were poorly covered and it contained the basics of 26th century technology.

    Stills parked his car in an empty holding chamber and reached for his papers. Upon doing so he caught a glimpse of his face in an interior mirror. He stopped and repositioned it in front of the mirror.

    Christian Ledlow stared back at him.

    Ledlow was a research scientist at the tower. Stills and had surgery done on his face back on Issa to make him look just like Ledlow. They were roughly the same build and height and Stills had perfect replicas of all his documents.

    Ledlow lay six feet under, murdered by members of Human Colony One. Stills brushed off any feeling of guilt with a snigger and a sly smile as he looked in the mirror. His ego had really taken control now and it was a rampaging bull smashing down anything in it's path to glory and his conscience had been crushed under it's hoofs.

    As Stills walked through the hanger the realism of his mission was beginning to take hold. The sights, sounds and smells delivered it to him. The sounds of mechanical workings began to tumble down his ear, smells of oil and smoke flavoured the air as it flowed through each of his nostrils. The hanger was alive with a grimy aura.

    He approached the guard's office window and slid his papers through a small opening. The guard grunted at the fact that Stills had caused him to actually do some work. Picking up the documents he noticed the name Christian Ledlow and quickly changed his attitude.

    “Oh, hello Mr Ledlow. Sorry I didn't recognise you”, said the guard. “I wont be a minute reviewing these, sir.”.

    “That's fine, take as long as you need”, Stills replied.

    Passing the papers back to Stills the guard said, “Everything is fine, sir. Sorry to keep you waiting, I hope it all goes to plan in there”.

    “Thank you. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day”, Stills replied politely.

    Courtesy wasn't something that Stills usually adopted upon himself, his nervousness had enforced it though. It plastered a big polite smile on his face, he even nearly bowed to the guard.

    To his left two tall extravagant doors slowly opened to the cranking of gears. He walked through them and found him self in corridor.


    Stills stood in the corridor very still, he had noticed something that troubled him deeply.

    The corridor was brilliantly luxurious, the floor was made from pot tiles that were a deep brooding purple colour. It was complimented by a magnificent glass ceiling with the same coloured frame running through it.

    What had quickly plunged Stills into a troubled nature was the colours of the walls.

    They were a cream colour with spiralling rosy red patterns flowing over it's surface. Cream and rosy red, the colours of the clothes worn by the little girl in his dream, the colours worn by God.

    Stills buried his head in his hands, he felt sick, he could feel himself shaking, like he felt after he awoke each time from the dream. The corridor was silent, so silent that Stills could feel its presence. Taking his head out of his hands he looked up and straight ahead of him he saw her.

    God stood at the far end of the corridor, her creamy white dress and rosy red bow burned they're way into his mind.

    His thoughts raced.

    'A trick.'

    'An illusion.'

    'Someone is messing with me.'

    Those words bounced around in his head.

    His eyes shifted to a security camera just above where the girl stood. He knew he had to act sane, the way he would usually handle something like this would be to scream, pull out a blade and end God's little mind trick where she stood. But truth be told, he had no idea what the little girl was; real or an illusion created by God to scare him away.

    He took a deep breath and started to walk forwards.

    As he approached her the words, “Hello, my name is Karl Stills”, uneasily escaped from his mouth.

    She said nothing, continuing to stare directly into his eyes.

    Stills really shaking now and walking very slowly spat out more words, “What's your name?”

    Again she said or did nothing.

    He was no more than a few feet away from her now. Taking another deep breath, he quickened his pace and walked straight through her, she disappeared behind him, fading into thin air.

    Even though she had disappeared his fear was still very much there, the rampaging bull had been stopped dead in it's tracks, fear was going to be a much harder foe to defeat then conscience.

    Fear induced questions began to swarm in his mind. 'Why is God trying to stop me.' That question stood out boldly.

    He of course knew the answer, God was protecting her children, as evil as Human Colony Two was, they were after all her creation.

    Suddenly he realised that his dream was telling him this. In his dream God told Adam and Eve not to go near any other humans apart from each other and her. God knows that members of Human Colony Two were going to use time travel to go back to the Garden of Eden and abduct Adam and Eve.

    And of course God knows that he is going to try to assassinate them when they return to this time, killing the original ancestors of Human Colony Two. But why was he having these dreams and was this all that God was going to do; manifest herself as an illusion of his mind.

    Could God not interact with him physically?

    This question set off the rampaging bull again.

    His shaking stopped, his breathing slowed and once again a smile crept across his face. The smile was the bull's signature; it was the dust kicked up by its hoofs as his leapt into a rampaging charge. Fear had crumbled under it's force and once again Karl Stills had found him self.

    He opened the door that stood before him and entered The Stone Gardens of Time City. The Stone Gardens were Time City's second wonder after the research tower. Stills stood on a path which would take him through the gardens and to Ledlow's apartment on the other side. As he started walking he was once again completely in awe of his surroundings.


    Great stone pillars that arose from the grassy floor were covered in a coat of twisting vines. They slithered their way up onto the stone ledges that connected the pillars and dangled down. Artificial deep blue lights hung from the stone ledges and painted the vines with a unnatural darkness.

    Flowers of various amazing colours sprouted up through the cracks in the path trying to escape the darkness; seeking the light. But the deep blue light was all that was waiting for them unless they were lucky enough to catch a patch of natural sunlight that was rare within the gardens. Most of the garden was within shadow.

    A statue had caught his eye. Stills stepped of the path and onto the grass.

    Approaching the statue he noticed that it was very worn down, like the stone pillars it was covered in vines. It's face was almost completely covered by the the overwhelming plants that had taken over.

    At the foot of the statue Stills noticed an inscription; bending down he read it.

    'Chronos - The Personification Of Time'.

    Like in the corridor it was silent, Stills could feel it covering ever inch of the garden, it loomed over him. It created the feeling that he was being watched, he was sure that it would be God, he didn't dare look around for her.

    Suddenly he felt a cold hand grip his wrist, turning round he saw her standing there staring at him once again.

    He had felt her on his wrist and with that, fear had returned.

    Turning to run, he tripped over a rock. Flat on his face he truned around to see her walking towards him. Stills did what he usually did when he was truely scared, he turned his face away from the approaching reality.

    Burying his face in the grass he shouted, “Leave me alone!”

    God bent down next to him and cupping her hand, put it next to his ear.

    “Chronos is fake. But I am real”, she whispered softly into his ear.

    He could feel her cold hand on his ear and as she faded away for the second time he could feel the hair on the back of his neck stand on end.

    He turned around taking his face out of the grass. The statue of Chronos that stood over him suddenly began to crumble away. It rushed down and covered him in a faint powder of stone. Breathing frantically he threw his hands out in all directions trying to brush it off him.

    He quickly got to his feet and began to run back to the path shaking off the crumbs of stone.

    Apon reaching the path he stopped and looked back at the door that had led him into the gardens. Gripping at his hair he screwed up his face with emotional pain. The cause almost didn't mean anything to him anymore, it never really did in the first place and he knew it.

    Was it worth it; to take out an entire race just to feed his ego. It would imortalise him; he would be idolised. They would build statues of him on Issa proclaiming that he was the personification of time. He could almost hear the roaring crowd of millions chanting his name.

    He started in the direction of Ledlow's apartment, he had sealed his fate, immortality was just a few short hours away.
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    Ledlow's apartment, number 18 of Stone Gardens Apartment Block 1, had one of the best views of Stone Gardens out of all the apartments that sorrounded it.

    Stills stood out on it's balcony trying to get a feel for his vantage point. Below the balcony the vines climbed their was up the side of the building; the gardens were alive, growing, consuming, aging and so silent. In a few hours though it would alive in a very different way.

    Leaning on the balcony Stills began to feel very drowsy, unnaturally so, slumping backwards he stumbled from the balcony back into the living room where he fell onto the sofa. His eyes started to close as he began to sink into deep sleep.


    He could once again feel the soft grass beneath him, he was there again, the dreaded garden he had come to hate so much.

    “There are others here Adam”, Eve said him. “I want to find them.”

    “We were told not to. We have everything we need here”, he replied.

    “I need to find the others, I can't leave it alone, its an urge that is will not subside.” she said in an uneasy tone.

    “I will not defy God, Eve!”

    Adam's stand had angered Stills. He could feel the rage growing violently, he felt as though he could almost grasp it and use it to control Adam.

    “No! You must find the others!” he found him self shouting.

    Adam's face screwed up in a confused mannor.

    “Did you just hear that”, he said to Eve.

    “Hear what?”

    “I heard a voice, like it was coming from inside my head. It was shouting and said that we must find the others.”

    A rush of excitment washed over Stills; he quickly gathered his thoughts and went to work.

    “You must find the others, they are your friends, they will take you to a better place beyon this garden.” he said frantically. His mind conjured up more. “God is evil, she is holding you prisoner here. She is trying to stop you from expanding your potential. Find the others, they will set you free.”

    He stopped and waited for a reaction.

    A flustered expression crossed Adam's face for only a few seconds. Stills's words echoed through his mind bringing dark blissful thoughts.

    “Your right, we should go find the others”, he said to Eve.


    The knocking at the door to the apartment woke Stills from his dream.

    Sitting upright he shouted, “Just a second!”

    Blinking quickly with wide eyes he questioned to him self what he had just dreamed. Was it real, was he connecting with Adam or was he just dreaming?

    He got up and opened the door. A man in a uniform stood before him smiling with his hands behind his back.

    “Just to let you know Mr Ledlow, we shall be starting in a few minutes.” he said politely.

    “Thank you, sir. I appreciate you telling me personally.” Stills replied.

    “Your welcome”, the man said, turned and walked away.

    Stills closed the door and went over to a desk in the corner of the living room. On it lay his rifle case.

    Opening it he said to the apartment computer “Computer, patch me through to the control centre please.”

    After a few seconds passed the artifical voice of the research tower secutary exclaimed “Identification please”, over the speaker system.

    “Christian Ledlow”, Stills said as he began to put together his rifle.

    “Password please”, the voice said after a few seconds.

    “Karl Stills”, he replied with a big grin on his face; he loved the irony.

    “Thank you Mr Ledlow.”

    This time a human voice bellowed through out the room. “Hello Mr Ledlow, tell me good news please.”

    “The skys are clear sir. We will have no interference what so ever. Time City transport centre said they were happy to help in anyway they could.” Stills replied.

    “What about private transportation? We can't risk anytype of vehicular interference within five hundred meters of the exit portal. These are human lives we are talking about here, time travel is a very delicate process, please tell me you have private transportaion under control Lewlow?” said the stressed voice frantically over the speaker system.

    “I contacted city security sir, they have set up a no fly perimeter.” Stills replied calmly.

    Truth be told, he had done nothing. Dozens of members of Human Colony One lay in the wings with disguises doing all his work for him. All he had to do was assasinate.

    “Good job Ledlow”, the voice said in a cheerful tone. “Sit back, relax and watch us break history.”

    “Lets just hope it all goes to plan, sir”, Stills said in a tone that hadn't changed during the whole conversation.

    “We've put in too much for it to fail now”, the voice said before it disconnected.

    The whole operation was done on a small scale. Few people knew about it outside of the research tower. This would be the first attempt at time travel; Stills didn't even know if it would work.

    Once again he could hear the roars of the crowd inside his head. He imagined himself atop a podium, arms outstretched, taking in immortality from a crowd a million strong. It had to work he told himself.

    He stepped out onto the balcony one again, this time Stone Gardens looked much different to before, it had become a project site. People working on devices covered the grassy floors and wires hung from every canopy and ledge. The silence had be abolished, a constant stream of chatter took up it's place. Clicking, tapping and buzzing bounced around the gardens.

    At the centre of the garden was a large circular clearing. This would be where the exit worm hole would appear; this would be where Stills would aim his rifle.

    Stills turned around, once again his gaze fixed upon God. There she sat, on the sofa, again staring right at him.

    This time he couldn't afford to be scared. Time was almost up.

    “You shall not lay your evil upon my children.” she said in an unatural defiant tone.

    Stills didn't respond, insted he walked towards the table where his rifle lay. He picked it up and turned back around to find that the doors to the balcony had been closed.

    Stills had quickly come to a conclusion, a conclusion that would stop all the questions, that would stop his fighting emotions. God was physically interfeering, she wasn't going to let him complete his mission.

    She had to die.

    Dropping his rifle to the floor, Stills pulled out his blade from it's holder around his waist. Gripping it tightly he threw himself over the sofa. Traveling right through God the glass coffie table became his new destination. Smashing straight through it he hit the floor with a thud and a moan of pain.

    “I hate you!” he shouted as he lay in a pile of shattered glass.

    “I hate you, I hate you God!”

    “Let me have my glory; let me have power!”

    “My influence has no limits; I am better than you!”

    “I am better than you!”

    “I am better than you!”

    “I am better then you God!” he screamed over and over again.

    There was silence.

    Then suddenly a blue light began to shine through the windows of the doors leading to the balcony. Then disappeared a few seconds later.

    Stills scrambled to his feet and clambered over the sofa to reach for his rifle. Grabbing it he ran towards the doors and burst out onto the balcony.

    He could see them, Adam and Eve stood in the centre of the gardens. He dug the rifle butt into his shoulder and looked through the scope.

    “I'm sorry.” a voice whispered into his ear.

    Stills felt a force push hard on his back as he disappeared over the edge of the balcony.

    A horrible cracking sound of breaking bones filled the air quickly followed by gasps from shocked onlookers.

    Stills lay on the concrete below spitting up blood. Looking derectly above him he could see the staring face of God looking over the balcony at him. Her long blond hair hanging over the side with her rosy red bow sitting perfectly amongst it.
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    Tears were rolling down her cheeks and dripping off her chin.

    Suddenly the world around him changed.

    His wide gazing eyes finally had something worth while to gaze at for above him he did not see a concrete building or a balcony; he saw the clouds breaking apart and a bright shining light. God flanked by angels descended down towards him. Reaching him she touched his face and dried away the blood and tears.

    Her hand was warm.

    “No, I'm sorry.” said Stills as his eyes began to close.

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