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    Conjoining Two Stories into One

    Discussion in 'Publishing' started by mbinks89, Aug 5, 2013.

    I'm trying to publish a story about a guerrilla who, barely alive after an ambush gone awry, staggers through the desert, only to be accosted by a troll as he crosses a bridge. The troll makes him try to out-riddle him, and as the guerrilla, upon discovering the troll is blind, tries to quietly shoot him, he is killed, due to the troll's acute senses.

    [MENTION=53357]rhduke[/MENTION], who's kindly help edit it, (and who I've tagged because he might be able to bring some good thought here) rightly mentioned that in the beginning of the story there is a lot of description and flashbacks of his family, which I did to build the character, and make his death more tragic. He feels, however, that his wandering through the desert, and being waylaid by the troll could be two different stories altogether, and don't really flow all that well. He also thought that it was a little too description heavy at times, especially since it doesn't really relate back to the conclusion.

    I wrote a sequel to this story, in which his son, aforementioned in the first story, seeks vengeance ten years later. He ultimately kills the troll, but not after being shot himself (although he lives).

    My question is: is it okay for me to add this second story into my submission? I would format it like a second chapter, with space between the last page of the first story and the start of the second, and it would title it Part II. rhduke thought they should stand as separate stories, but I'd like to get your input.
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    who/what are you submitting it to?

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