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    contest entry "I never believed in hell"

    Discussion in '"I never believed in hell"' started by Shadownymph, Dec 4, 2006.

    I never believed in Hell. All I really did was walk around with out really caring. I would casually walk up to people or sit down next to them look comfy. I would always then just turn to them and say 'there is no Hell you know?'. Well It just so happens that I sat down to the wrong person. It changed my mind forever. You know what demons look like don't you. They have those exquisite features. Beautiful bodies, but the most recognizable thing is their eyes. Everyone knows this at least where I come from. They have those sideway slits, and normally red brown eyes. That is if your lucky they would be this color. I wasn't that lucky. Well any way.
    People got tired of me saying 'There is no Hell'. They would always tell me to hush, be quiet or some thing or other. I always thought that it was because I was annoying. I was wrong as usual. It turned out that our beloved church was a demonic organization. They didn't like it, but a demon had taken over. I was completely oblivious to this. I feel stupid. Well I will tell you what happened.
    I was particularly grumpy one morning. I really didn't want to go to church, but of course you know how parents are, go to church blah blah blah blah blah. Well I just thought eh why bother its not like I am going to die or any thing. Well, on that day I think that was my first mistake. They wanted me to go because they were forcing us to go and if you didn't you did die. They wanted to feed off our energy because they cant keep alive if they don't. Oh, getting side tracked here. Ah, oh yeah. So, I ditched church. Walking down the street, I couldn't think of a better place to go than the river. Every thing is always so quiet. Kind of like this street. Does every one go to the same church around this stupid small town?
    I started wondering around looking for people, and found a family rushing because they were going to be late. As a snuck up on them, I was greeted my the mayor tapping me on the shoulder. I turned.
    "Hello, mister mayor sir. I was just going..."
    "Your going to go to church."
    I thought in my mind the mayor is awfully strong. I wonder how he does this. May be he just works out a lot. He bent down a bit and picked me up by the arms and hauled me off to the church.
    By time I went inside every one was quiet and preparing for the meeting. I picked a spot next to some guy. I actually chose it because he was good looking. Yeah, and I'm not even that old. Fifteen to be exact. Proud of my age. Well, he didn’t look old, and as I sat next to him. He didn’t smell old like everyone else.
    The lesson was on morality and the guy next to me looked really bored. Since, I was already irate. I decided to tell him like I always tell everyone. He was new, I was sure of it. So, I decided and turned to him casually like I always do. He turned his head without moving his body and smiled at me. Wow, I thought he is really good looking. His dark sunglasses making him look even more cool. After, taking a moment to recompose myself. I turned back towards him.
    "There is-"
    "No Hell?"
    My mouth hung open as heard my line back at me.
    "You know what, I do believe there is one." He leaned forward so I could look at his eyes. They were red. Pure and simple crimson red. The goat-like eyes stared me. He sat back up straight. You see, this is where I am unlucky. You know what those kinds of eyes mean right? Red eyes like those means a stronger demon. Oh, man I was in trouble. Deep, deep trouble. I stared directly forward. Frozen I just sat there staring forward. I was sure i saw that. He's probably just sitting there smiling to himself knowing that I am unnerved. You know what? I decided, I bet this is a trick. They changed their eyes to scare me into believing in Hell. The whole bean of how I'm going to go to Hell, if i don't change my ways.
    "You will." The man said.
    My face paled. He read my thoughts. He read my thoughts. Oh, crap. My body started trembling. Before I new it, the meeting was over. Everyone is getting up to leave and the guy is gone. They look at me now shaking there heads. They had known, but what were they supposed to do.
    As I walked home, I was in a daze. I didn’t say anything as I walked in the door. My parents didn't say anything. I walked up to my room and lay on the bed. My mind felt like it was swirling and swirling. Really, really dizzy. That man walked up to me and looked at me beneath his sunglasses. He smiled. I tried talking but it was all slurred. His smile widened.
    "You had quite the energy. I am glad you caused such a stir amongst my people, because now they feast on you. Well, more like just your life force, but all the same." He bent over straight backed. "Now, will you be doing this any more?" I felt myself shaking my head. I couldn't think with him so close to me.
    "Just to make sure, I will show you something." Every thing started to swirl again. All of the sudden, his hand came up. I gasped. His hand went on my head. Everything, all my memories, all my thought, and feelings drained to nothing. I stared to scream at the pain. In the background noise I could hear a masculine laugh.

    I woke up in the morning cold though I had my blanket on me, actually two of them. I felt all alone. Like no one else existed. My head hurt. I got up and walked to my closet and took out some clothes. I slipped them on. I was in a daze worse than what I normally am when I wake up. I slumped down the stairs and into the kitchen. Where was every one? Looking over at the clock, I could barely make out that it was noon. My shoes came on easily. The cool air felt nice as I walked out. Oh, yeah, its winter. My feet kept me walking. Oh, well it's not that cold.
    People stared at me as I wondered around not sure of where I was going. Wondering like this through out the day, I finally came home well after dark. I shuffled inside and looked at my mother. She had her usual worried look. She walked over and brushed the snow of my shirt. Just standing there, I watched everything moving in slow motion. My father walked up and looked me square in the eyes. I tried to smile, but it came out wobbly. I shifted past them and back to my room.
    I slept. Sweet nothing. it was nice to have nothing again I longed for it. Soon, day after day I was just sleeping.
    My eyes shot open. This has to stop. Suddenly, I felt my strength renew. This voice a strong yet feminine voice said, no more. Looking up, I squinted at what looked like an angel. No, those aren't real either. Wait. The glow faded.
    "Sorry to appear like this. I hope my teleportation spell didn’t surprise you too much."
    "No, not really. Just really bright."
    "Well, I am Mage master Shuraika. This village has been lost to demons for so long. I want you to change that."
    "What in the world am I supposed to do. I don't...do I?"
    "Yes, you have the strength. It was buried when the demon drained your body and mind. He hid it because it was beginning to surface. It is strong enough to destroy them, if it is allowed to grow. Now you must-" before she could finish everything blurred.
    I sat up. Wow, what a weird dream. Wait, I'm not dizzy or in a daze. A smile crossed my face. I jumped up and threw on my clothes. I jumped down the stairs and popped into the kitchen.
    "Hello, mom!" I exclaimed. I looked around. Where is she? I happily walked to the door slipped on my coat and snow boots. With a smile broad across my face, I strode into day. I flowed around town looking for everyone and I stumbled upon the town square. The man was standing there looking gorgeous like before.
    "I know she visited you last night, and I wont permit this. It is out of line." he emphasized the last words. He began gliding towards me. The memories of the night past and lost flooded in. The female voice lightly began singing in my head. I can't give in. I mustn't.
    The demon was now in front of me. He closed his eyes, and took off his sunglasses. Grabbing my chin, he lifted my head. I slammed my eyes shut. He forced me to see his eyes. Glowing and blood red.
    "STOP IT!" I shouted. He flung himself from me with a screech. I looked up i was breathing hard. I was ticked off. no more of this. "I wont take this any more. You can't control me."
    His eyes were wide and furious. Spreading his feet apart, he took a fighting stance. A strange cracking noise filled the air. The sound mimicked that of a bone snapping in half. The demon hunched over. I backed up, not liking where this was going. I turned, and began running until I got a good distance away. I turned back around right when he straightened and threw his head back. His maniacal laughter filled the atmosphere with darkness. The memories barely held back by a paper of light.
    "I won't permit this. I won't permit this defiance of my rule. I AM THE MASTER!!!" A deluge of shadow crushed the landscape. I put my hand up to try and defend myself. And orb of light surrounded me. Closing my eyes, I wished that I could survive. The noise was loud. Rushing against my ears, I could hear nothing but it.
    It stopped. I opened my eyes and looked around. I dropped my hand. The orb shivered then disappeared. Walking around the area, everything was black. Back where I was, was a circle of white. Hn, interesting place. The atmosphere was much different than where Ihad previously been.
    Where did that demon go?
    "Well, now that we are here. No one can interfere and it will just be you and me. First off, let me introduce myself." He bowed while watching me continually. "I am Kyros. First son of Venificus. Descendant of Diablus."
    "Well... I am...Liora." Man, I sounded stupid compared to him. Suddenly, the words filled my mouth. " Daughter of Raynelle ruler of Shirata, the kingdom of governing light. Descendant of Abnar the first and most powerful of all Emperors of Shirata."
    Kyros's mouth dropped open.
    "Now, if you continue to stay I will be forced to execute your life." Inside I was jumping with glee, man that sounds so cool! Kyros recomposed himself. He stood straight.
    "Fine then, its a fight we have, but I'm pretty sure you knew that." Kyros posed again in his fighting stance. I tried to strike mine and strangely I did it. We shot towards each other, him with his years of experience and me with...my talent I guess. A strange yet familiar presence seemed to be with me guiding each of my movements. As we got closer, there was another crack of bone. Bursting from his back grew wings huge and Dragonic. His muscles began to become cut and bulging. His claws grew and lengthened on his hands and feet. Skin darkening.
    My vision blurred for a moment then returned. I was watching from a third persons view. My body was rigid and formed. A light molded and smoked around me composing mage robes. A light staff appeared and grew a blade at the top. Then when we collided, I disappeared. I was behind him all of the sudden. I took my staff, and slammed it into him. He yelled in pain. I hit him again and he fell to his knees. Striking him a final time, he collapsed to the ground beaten.
    Relaxing, I held my hand out. "Kyros, you are banished from this world and the next." In a flowing swirl of white, he disappeared. Everything flashed and glowed. Looking around, I was back home.
    Everyone was looking around and looking astonished. I looked at all of them.
    "Today, Kirash is restored to the kingdom of light forever."
    Yep, I sounded pretty cool then. That's what happened. That is how I restored Kirash to my kingdom, yep MY kingdom.
    Wow, that sounded conceited...

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