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    Convergent literary evolution.

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by Wreybies, Jul 3, 2009.

    So, this is a bit of a followup question to the thread I started concerning how long it takes for history to become legend, to become fairy tail, to fade away…

    I am getting really frustrated. I know I shouldn’t. I know this is something we all deal with. I myself have made comments to others with similar issues and now I find myself trying on their shoes.

    It goes like this:

    I’m getting the impression that certain stories have a destiny to take a certain route. The story I am working on which gave rise to the legends question has presented me with a very viable option to work my needed bit of stuff in. There is an event which I can create which even gives more story to one of my MC's and gives blossom to a whole subplot and works very well and makes good logical sense and moves the story in the right direction… and even I can see that there are at least two series of science fiction books I've read which have taken nearly the same path through the woods.

    I am sooooo second guessing myself. I find myself writing a page and then doing a ctrl-A then delete as I think to myself, “Oh, yes, M.Z. Bradley would be right flattered to watch you rip off her work, Wrey!” and then the next page has Julian May’s voice whispering in my ear, “Young man, I can either sue you or you can pay me a royalty. Your choice.”

    I will happily accept some advice or a simple buck up, old chap.
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    I have no advice (well none worth noting) but seen as you seem to be getting yourself in a rut...

    Buck up, old chap.

    Everyone experiences doubts about their writing, and those doubts take various forms. your anxieties are in the form of you thinking that what you are doing is simply ripping off other authors. Relax. I think there are times where everyone goes 'hang on, didn't Mrs/Mr X do this in their work?' but at the end of the day, you've just got to assume your bringing something new to it, assuming you do end up on a similar track to someone else.
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    Do it. Everything has been done. If you're worried about it resembling someone else's work, do a thorough reading of it and make yours have a bit of originality. However, if you like the idea, do it.

    Readers don't care much about repetition (look at romance fiction).
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    True, but I know that's not the sort of thing that Wrey is writing.

    But to be honest Wrey, I think it largely depends on what specific plot development you are refering to. Most likely tbeverley is right, and it will be original enough to pass scrutiny, or even be seen as a flattering homage. If you want to PM me specifics, I'd be happy to give you my thoughts on it, though I doubt you have anything to worry about. (Especially if it is, as you've said, the natural, fluidic and logical progression of the plot. I personally believe that the best stories should have a concrete conclusion which, although it may not be immediately obvious when starting out either reading or writing it, is the only place it could sensibly end up).
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    Hey Wreybies.

    I think if your story is headed in a logical, readable, engaging direction, it would be madness to force it in another direction for the sake of 'originality'. Especially when, as many will point out, there's very little that's completely new under the sun.

    I know you know this, but the way you tell your story is often more important than the plot itself, and sometimes you just have to let it go where it goes. Ban yourself from the delete keys, and see what you end up with. Plus, I suspect your obvious sense of caution will keep you from producing anything that could be called a real 'rip off'.

    Good luck!


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