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  1. GemmaLouise

    GemmaLouise New Member

    Jan 15, 2013
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    Creating a Story

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by GemmaLouise, Jan 15, 2013.

    I'm doing some research on audience participation in storytelling and I wanted the opinion of writers/public.

    What are your opinions on others generating content for your ideas, would you feel like they're 'treading on your toes' or would it be helpful?
    But on the other side would you get involved in others creative process?

    Any answers would be great!
    Thank youuu
  2. chicagoliz

    chicagoliz Contributing Member Contributor

    May 30, 2012
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    While I think it is impressive when someone on a stage can take audience suggestions and immediately improv it into some sort of skit or story, I feel like that is an art form in and of itself. I don't think it is really comparable to or the same as telling a story from the author or acting out a play that has been written by one or two people.

    If the author herself is seeking audience participation or the input of others for use in her stories, I don't see how she could feel that they were "treading on her toes," given that she had solicited the ideas.

    That said, I don't think such input really contributes to an author telling her story, and can sometimes be reduced to gimmickry.

    On the other side, I don't want to be putting my words into another author's mouth, so I wouldn't be eager to continue to participate if an author was allegedly writing her own story, but constantly sought my advice as to what sorts of things should happen next. But, if the whole endeavor were one of collective participation, I'd be glad to give my thoughts.
  3. kev675

    kev675 Member

    Dec 29, 2012
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    I truly believe that storytelling as one of the truest forms of narration honestly to convey a message across even 10 people and to capture their attention is true power

    I am the Warlock

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