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    Creative Works Publish Website Project

    Discussion in 'Publisher Discussion' started by KVSPER, Aug 1, 2016.

    Hi everyone!

    I'm currently working on a project for my business class and since my brother is getting his book published later next month, I thought I would try to make a website/application that streamlines the process of uploading and publishing different types of creative works online after I saw how complicated the process of getting a book published was.

    For starters, I was wondering what you guys currently don't like about the process of getting your work published whether it's paying fees to publish a book, the time it takes to complete a draft, royalties, work popularity, cover art, etc. I was also wondering what you guys thought about sites like Amazon or other e-publishing sites and how they help you make your works known to the public.

    My initial idea was to make a website for creative works (novels, graphic novels, nonfiction, poetry, etc) based on the YouTube business model but instead of posting videos, the content creators (authors) would post their literary works. I was also leaning towards a $/ad-view type revenue model where the authors would be able to make money off ad views but wasn't sure if authors in general want $/unit (ex: $5 per book) revenue model or free/open access for reading but get paid based on amount viewed.

    Please let me know what you guys think!

    Thank you!
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    I think that Amazon already beat you to it.
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    A major concern for authors would be how you intend to draw readers to your website such that readers will be willing to pay for the opportunity to read the novels associated with the website you propose. The ad revenue you receive through readers/visitors to the website to pay royalties to authors for granting you the right to publish their work(s) on your site is a pretty risky model on your end, I think. What if ad revenue doesn't cover royalties owed to the authors?

    How will you decide what novels to publish? Will you offer cover art/editing services, or do you expect the authors to arrive to you with a finished product? What would be their advantage to go with you, say over going exclusive with Amazon (Kindle) where they (the authors) get benefits, and lose those benefits if they don't go exclusive? You will probably be getting only self-published authors, which is fine, unless you approach publishers with a good offer. A contract would be needed not only for publishers and you, but also for individual authors you work with.

    My suggestion is that you consider starting up an ezine, maybe publish short stories, to gain experience in what it takes to be successful, and refine your business model. There needs to be a compelling reason for authors to take a chance on going with you/your website, over everything else out there already established, like Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, iBooks, etc.

    A project for your business class doesn't suggest there is a long term commitment, which authors will need/expect if they grant you the rights to publish their book(s).

    That's my initial two cents.
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    If writers go with a trade publisher rather than self publishing, they won't really have the problems you are trying to fix. Honestly, what you are trying to do just sounds too complicated to me. And I don't see any real benefit in what you are trying to do. There are already a lot of self-publishing options. But I think most writers want to go the traditional route and have their work published by a publisher. When that happens, the writer pays nothing. The money goes to the writer. I don't see how any program you make is going to help a writer finish their story faster or make a work more popular like you mentioned. What is it exactly that you are trying to offer writers? Am I missing something?
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    1/ Vanity publishing. Don't do it.
    2/ Hell, yeah. It ALWAYS takes too long to complete a draft! Any decent publisher should be able to halve that for me.
    3/ Well, some would be nice...
    4/ ...especially if the publisher could do something (e.g. advertising, major promotional tie-in with an irrelevant block-buster film?) make my work popular.
    5/ Why does there have to be cover art? We're wordsmiths, right?

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