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    Creative Writing Prompts for Blocked Writers

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by Inkwell1, Jul 24, 2014.

    Hi! :rofl: So this thread is made for blocked writers who perhaps need to be prompted into action, or need a prompt to be prompted into action. In other words, this is a thread with some ideas on how to begin a story with a story starter. You can continue the story your way, or you can post another idea for a story starter.

    Alright, here are my starters!

    • It was a normal day, except for the fact that it was a Sunday. And when I stepped outside to stretch my legs after blowing through a two-hour session on my computer, I noticed a bright envelope sticking out of my mailbox.
    • Someone had been lighting my firecrackers, because I sure hadn't been.
    • Trotting around the fence with Lila, my tail wagging and my paws propelling me so I go faster than the wind--I'm just happy so long as I don't have to hear Mr. _____ call me 'Dog' again.
    • Bowling was always fun for me, but tonight it just made me feel worse.
    • The Frisbee flew over the fence, and disappeared into the green-brown pond. Now, this was my dad's ancient collector's edition $80 Frisbee, and this was the only one in the United States that we knew of.
    • A match, as if in slow motion, fell against the cupboard, which went up in flames quickly. And mom wasn't home.
    • A halo began, right on the crown of ____'s head. He/she had no idea, and looked around, trying to figure out why the other children were gawking and pointing. And after a couple seconds, two feathery, pillowy wings puffed up behind him. But he/she could feel them, and he/she understood: he/she was an angel.
    Enjoy! :write:
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    Go on then, I'll join the thread. I was thinking of opening a similar one for collecting suggested opening lines from willing contributors. The slightly different stipulation I was going to make - to make it more of a challenge for the people contributing suggestions, was that you had to contribute one opening line for each of the ten genres below. I'm still going to stick to that, and if anyone else wants to they should feel free. Or there's always the freeform method our OP nicely placed here. Anyhow, ten genres if you choose to do it that way:

    1. Historical Fiction
    2. Fantasy Fiction
    3. Science Fiction
    4. Children's Fiction
    5. Speculative (What If...?) Fiction
    6. Crime Fiction
    7. Horror Fiction
    8. Romantic Fiction
    9. Modern Dramatic Fiction
    10. Humorous Fiction

    My openers, feel free to use any that appeal.

    1. Boudicca winced as she pulled her hand through her matted hair.
    2. The great statue of the god towered over the harbour, each section of it strung with prisoners facing their end as sacrifices to darkness around them.
    3. Ace loved the way the blaster felt in his hand.
    4. Millie had never seen a blue elephant before, but this one was standing before her right now.
    5. Now they had a black president, she told herself, the USA was bound to take a firmer stance against slavery in the South.
    6. It should have been a dark night; things like this shouldn't happen in broad daylight.
    7. The scream that shattered her dreams came from her own throat.
    8. He knew he was in trouble when he read her ad in the personals section, but knowing and believing are two different things.
    9. The light was red, but he had to get her to hospital right now!
    10. Nine out of ten cats say their owners prefer it.
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    That is a really helpful idea about creative writing prompts. creativewritingprompts this site,It also have some good ideas.
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    Thanks for sharing these prompts. I am definitely going to explore a few stories with some of them. Keep an eye out for them.
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    Great, glad to hear it!
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    Here are some of my prompts! :D

    Two-Word (title) Prompts

    - Shattered Rubies
    - Oblong Dragon Egg
    - Ivy Tangled
    - Sprawling Willows
    - Water Chimes
    - Chaotic Rhythm
    - Flaming Daisies
    - Basil Blood
    - Fletch and Bowstring

    He Said She Said

    "My, you look like you fell in the lake."

    "Really? I thought he was arrested!"

    "That's a silly reason!"

    "Despite this, we must carry on, as though she were still with us."

    "What is that? Is it curable? Is there any hope for me?"

    "Wow, that outfit looks a size or two too small."


    Wing Sprain

    Fire throat

    Root Rot

    Knotted Beard


    Magical Items

    Swift Silver Knitting Needles

    Knobby Oak Bowstaff

    Copper Tipped Crocheting Needle

    Spider-spun Bow

    Magical Phrases

    Star Flecked

    Dragon Blessed

    Dragon Cursed

    Elf Hyper



    Werewolf Fleas

    Dragon Breath (Like garlic breath...?)

    Dragon-Burn (Heartburn)

    Jester Eyes (Mismatch colored eyes)

    Animals and Creatures

    Shoulder Goblin

    Bottle Imp

    Water Centaurs
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    Wow, those are great! I might need to steal one or two... :)
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    Oh, all right, I'll try it:
    1. The burgundy bodice was far too tight, but despite my wincing and complaints, mother would not loosen it.
    2. Fear danced in his eyes as he gaped at the pearly-white figure.
    3. "Khoronah!" The king yelled, drawing his tazer.
    4. A green flower, growing in Anna's yard? What luck!
    5. "This wouldn't have happened if you had just given her a ride!"
    6. The blood was spilled all over the cobblestone.
    7. The face peering back at me in the mirror wasn't mine.
    8. She was normal, yet she was beautifully extraordinary, if you know what I mean.
    9. Tears streaming down my face, I lock my door and start flipping through the photos of Jack...again.
    10. I loved him as much as I loved country music; that is to say, not at all.
    That was fun! :write:
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    Ok, here we go: -

    1. The cat was starring at him again wearing a disdainful expression, and it was sitting in his chair.
    2. She had intended to say "Good evening boys and girls" through tightly sealed lips, but the doll on the end of her arm said something entirely different.
    3. Danny mustered all of his inner savagery and let out a bestial roar that shattered the silence. When he opened his eyes all of the other delegates were starring at him.
    4. He was unsure if he could take any more of this pain; it hurt like hell and there was no sign of any respite. The man in the silver suit cocked yet another elastic band and let it fly.
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    I'll try prompts for the ten genres that @FrodoKreuger suggested.

    1) This was supposed to be the grandest ship in the world, so why had they left the deckchairs in such a jumble?
    2) Zara had assumed the goblinization spell was temporary.
    3)Ollie's friends said he was insane, but he enjoyed travelling by wormhole.
    4)Most penguins love to swim, but Vincent was different.
    5)Professor Bestwick wondered if he'd be considered a racist if he failed yet another Neanderthal student.
    6) The unmarked black van outside Jane's house was concerning.
    7) My uncle always made me uneasy, even before be died.
    8) This time I couldn't think of an excuse to stop Annie dragging me to the speed dating night.
    9)"So you're telling me," said the youth on my doorstep, "that you didn't even know I was your son?"
    10)I don't normally care about the state of my garden, but I was annoyed to find a circus trailer upside down among my weeds.
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    1. "But i want to paint it blue!"
    2. Wax figures, a mental health patient, and running a marathon.
    3. "We wouldn't be in this mess if you hadn't taken his donut!"
    4. Watermelons, a supermarket, and alternate dimensions.
    5. "I bet you're too scared to go into the cave."
    6. An African American gymnast, a deck of magic cards, and a deranged taxi driver.
    7. "I thought dragons were extinct!" (No. This one... Um... This one's taken... :whistle:)
    8. A deflated beach ball, black magic, and a stressed accountant.
    9."The entire jungle wants to kill us! we're done for!"
    10. A black stone, a digital pet, and carpal tunnel syndrome...

    That was fun to think of.

    I'm tired.

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