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    Darkkin - Weekly Poetry Contest (227) Winner!

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Feb 28, 2013.

    The Tear
    By Darkkin

    It came down, swirling round
    Whispering in her ears.
    Words of wisdom
    No cynic ever hears.

    With a cloak and icy breath
    He came snow, hiding the tears.
    She with hair unbound,
    The breath of springtime in her tender years.

    Old Man howled, a frigid tantrum cast
    When that whisper he did hear.
    For it was she, this breath of spring
    She, this child, he did fear.

    Hair of flame, a sweet song of longing
    Eyes fixed upon the veil, cold and sheer.
    Snow and ice, the whole world round.
    A gentle touch, a snowflake's tear.

    Softly, deftly...A sylvan touch.
    Her herald the Zephyr's wings, she does hear.
    By drip and torrent the snows fell away.
    Leaving a brook, brimming and clear.

    Old Man Winter, a broken hold...
    He nods, surrendering for the year.
    That whisper that gave her hope.
    The murmur of wisdom in her ear.

    From the cold lips of a boy...
    Who had seen her single, speaking tear.
    Jack, the artist of the Frost...
    A gift, for the Aster he holds so dear.
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