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    Darkkin - Weekly Poetry Contest (230) Winner!

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Mar 24, 2013.

    Roar of One
    By Darkkin

    A deep breath drawn...
    A pulse, steady and strong.
    Now is the moment...
    The opening notes of the song.

    Eyes shut tight...
    A foot, the tempo, marking.
    Words, refrains...Imagination sparking.

    Fingers flying, bridges rising...
    Ebony and ivory, cast.
    A voice, quiet and low...
    An echo of days long past.

    Lessons learned, consequences forgotten...
    Bitter words fall away.
    Fingers flying, a soul unafraid of trying...
    Now is the time, no hiding from the day.

    That voice, quiet and low...
    Quivers and swells, confidence growing.
    These notes and words...
    A story worth knowing.

    Those eyes, shut tight...
    Slowly open wide.
    A shy, beckoning smile...
    A simple joy, she cannot hide.

    Ear to ear, a Cheshire Cat grin...
    Fingers flying fast and true.
    The song ringing out...
    A thrill, shimmering and new.

    Ebony and ivory cast...
    Octaves and cleft,
    Of the treble, of the bass...
    Of her fear there is nothing left.

    In her ears, amidst the closing notes...
    Of her spiraling song...nearly done.
    Rises a cheer...Reflected in the mirror.
    The roar of crowd...A crowd of one...
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    i did not vote and found these here too late, but i want to say that both poems are excellent and i find mbinks69 poem awesome, powerful, quite an accomplishment.
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