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    DeadMoon's two months away

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by DeadMoon, Apr 24, 2016.

    I have not posted on this board in about two months and in that two months I have concluded a few things:

    1. I miss posting on this board. I miss the back and forth arguments, the notification when someone comments and even just trolling along the messages at my leisure.

    2. "Rose Madder" is one of Stephen Kings lesser books, at least in my opinion.

    3. No amount of effort or changes is going to stop my ongoing depression, at most I can slow it down and curve it away for a while but like throwing a heave ball in the air it will always return to me with some push back and that's OK. It is part of me and as long as I have a supportive wife and a son to love I will get through it to live another day.

    4. Speaking of son, he is my favorite distraction from writing.

    5. I am my own worst enemy, the antagonist on my life who so far chosen the path of regret instead of discipline in life.

    6. After have finally seen the new Star Wars movie I can say that is was better then expected, even though it looks like chewy was put on more steroids and growth hormone then Barry Bonds.

    7. It feels like I am at the point in my life where events are happening faster then I can adapt to them.

    8. I have not realized how important some decisions were in my life until I made the wrong ones.

    and damn there have been many wrong ones....

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