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    Describe Yourself

    Discussion in 'Publishing' started by S-wo, Jul 19, 2010.

    I was wondering for some of you here do you still email agencies that ask for a brief description of yourself and they're primarily talking about awards you've won or maybe something you have in common with the book your writing, say it's about a fireman, but you're not a fireman and really don't know too much about them.

    Do you still email these agents or do you go on somewhere else?
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    Ultimately, it's your writing that's going to open or close the door to publication, not your bio. If you don't have any credits to speak of -- don't speak of them. Keep the bio portion of the query/proposal to one sentence. All the agent/pub cares needs at this point is a snapshot of who you are, age, marital status, perhaps your day job.

    But in every correspondence with publishing folks, the main focus should be on the work you're presenting, not yourself. Don't worry overmuch about the bio.

    Good luck.
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    why would you pass them up?... if you don't have any relevant paid credits or expertise, just don't say anything and let your work speak for itself...

    after all, no agent in their right mind is going to scan each query to make sure a bio is included and toss any that don't have one, without checking out the book that's being offered...

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