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    Describing Pain Caused by Magic.

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by SuperRedPanda, Jul 8, 2016.

    Hello :)

    I'm looking for some help regarding the material I'm writing. To give you a quick run down, it's about a vampire named Lauren who is a monster/treasure hunter for hire. In this world, vampires have a natural weakness to magic. It could be a spell cast on/at her or a magical artifact. Either way, it's going to harm them.

    I'm looking for some ways to describe this pain that they may feel. I've done some basic descriptions in the story. An example would be Lauren grasping a chain that is enchanted. It caused her to feel a cold burn down to her bones. It left no wound, however, just a mark.

    So, as an example, how could I describe how she feels when being hit with a magical blast?

    If it helps, she has a healing ability that allows her to heal from wounds much faster than mortals (think Wolverine from Marvel comics) though that ability is almost negated when she takes damage from magic.

    I hope I've explained this well.

    Thanks in advance :)
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    This makes me think of the feeling that you get when you bite down with full teeth into something really, really cold. Have you ever experienced this? Like if you chomp with full teeth into ice-cold ice cream and it has this jolting, almost painful "cold burn" of discomfort. I imagine this feeling as to being like that, except instead of just with teeth, it would be like a deeper burn where the feeling goes down into the skin/muscle, feels stronger and lasts longer. Maybe it could leave a blue-colored burn-like scar that takes a while to fade.
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    I would assume every type of pain :twisted: hot, cold, aching, shooting, pins and needles...


    Welcome to the site!

    EDIT: my favorite tip for actually writing the sensation - after you've decided what the sensation is that you're describing - is to replace as many adjectives as possible with verbs. What is the pain doing to her body, what is her body doing in response, how is she forcing herself to endure it...
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