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    Note: Needs 4 People


    A group of diverse people form a close friendship in a hellish mental hospital, but none of them are mentally ill. They've all been wrongfully diagnosed by different psychiatrists. There are 5 people. The illnesses they've been diagnosed with are schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and autism.
    The characters all come together to try to figure out why they've been given a diagnosis that doesn't at all fit them, and figure out how to escape.


    1. Basic forum and roleplaying rules

    2. Drama between characters is accepted and encouraged. It keeps things interesting and realistic, so you can let your characters do whatever they want as long as it's in character.

    3. Drama between users is not acceptable. Any arguments or fighting between users is absolutely not tolerated.

    4. No controlling the actions of a character that is not yours. That takes away other user's freedom of their writing, and that's not cool.

    5. Side comments must be in parentheses and on a separate line than your roleplay reply. For example...
    He let out breath of relief as the woman exited the room. Now was his chance.

    (just a heads up, I won't be as active for the next few days)

    6. Your replies have to be at least five sentences, preferably more than that. One-liners kill roleplays quickly.

    7. Romantic and sexual relationships are okay in the roleplay as long as they don't take over the plot.

    8. LGBT+ characters and romances are accepted and encouraged.

    9. If two characters are in a sexual situation, it must be either skipped or taken to PMs once clothes come off/hands start wandering. That kind of stuff isn't what I'd like to focus on, I'm not trying to write or read erotica here.

    10. If there's a problem, ask me. What I decide is final.

    11. One character per person. Too many characters can complicate things.

    12. Must be fairly active. If you're inactive for a couple of days or more, I'm going to assume that you've dropped out of the RP and leave you behind.

    13. Character template must be as descriptive as possible.

    Character Template

    Gender and pronouns:
    Mental Illness (ask for the one you'd like, first):

    Fill this out and PM it to me for approval.

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