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    Double meaning sentence ADVICE

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by SerenaYasha, Mar 14, 2011.

    OK I need Double entendre help

    I have a male(Zake) female(Kaira) characters and their friends meeting their future selfs. Kaira notices her future self is not that. She asks Future-Zake why

    he answers " certain events happened to prevent her" ( something like that)

    I'm trying to make it sound like future Kaira died but in truth she couldn't show because she is with child and if her past self saw her, past Kaira would figure things out that she shouldn't.

    I'm also trying to make future-Zake seem sad(or evil) while he is saying it but actuality is happy(or evil smile or sad trying to fake happy smile).

    (past) kaira is stubborn so if she finds out the truth she will do everything in her ablit to prevent it ( stubborrn love)

    Kaira meets a holographic "recording" of (made to seem like it was made before death)future self to explain things but it futureself talking just the hologram doesn't show pregnancy

    but future self are making past selfs face their deeps fears to admite to something they won't even knowing it deep down . it holding them back
    I could decide where to put this so if this is in the wrong area tell me.
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    Is your purpose to have the other future versions intentionally deceive her? If so, just go through euphemisms for death until you find one that could potentially be translated otherwise. If they aren't intentionally trying to deceive her, I think you're not going to be able to pull this off convincingly, because, in general, euphemisms for death in English tend to be idiomatic, meaning that they don't retain their literal meaning, and are always understood as meaning that someone died. The one exception I can think of to this (maybe there's more) is "he/she is no longer with us", with the alternate meaning of the person isn't in our group or working here anymore, but that doesn't apply well to your situation.

    It seems like you've been hung up on the wording for this one plot point for some time now. If you're not likely to find the perfect way of saying it believably, you might consider asking yourself whether the specifics of this conversation really are so important, or if you can achieve the same result in another way. The one thing you don't want to do is ruin your story by putting in some half-believable dialogue here just to preserve a plot point.
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    How about 'the Kaira you knew is long gone.' Being pregnant would change her so perhaps thats a possibility.

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