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    Doubts on copyright page

    Discussion in 'Self-Publishing' started by Caverner, Jul 15, 2019.

    Hi there!

    I have two doubts while finishing my book and both of them refer to the copyrigth place.

    i) Should I use the same font as in the rest of the book. I know size is smaller, but regarding font, I used Garamond for the novel while I though Times New Roman may be a better option for the copyright page. Seems fine?

    ii) When self-publishing in Amazon, how do I mention the editor copyright? I mean, copyright will appear as follows:

    © Author, year
    © Editor, year (I am self-editing, should I just skip it?)
    © Graphic artist, book cover

    So, should I just skipthe editor's line?

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    As the author, I'd never put the editor copyright in whether I was-self editing or not, barring special circumstances or an agreement with the editor to do so.

    When it comes to the font and size, go with what looks best to you. You want it legible, of course, but if you think one font and size looks better than another in your book then use that.
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    I just use the standard text in vellum - and I never mention the editor although i do thank her in the back matter

    Fonts should not be locked for ebooks as many readers like to change them on the ereader
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    Sep 30, 2015
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    I just took a professionally published (Simon & Schuster, etc) book and followed their format and layout. "Published by" can be yourself, or an LLC you set up for publications, a good idea anyway since you need to pay sales tax on hand sales. Or "Published via (not by) KDP, LSI, etc. and use their address. That way you don't advertise you are self-published, unless use your name in the LLC like Karen and I did. For "Printed In" just use USA or wherever. Also get a Library of Congress registration number, just because, again, it makes the copyright page look as professional as you can so it doesn't scream "self-published".

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