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    Dragon Chronicle Characters

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by CaityJuju, Oct 16, 2015.

    I'm writing a fan-fiction series about a number of creatures in a game I have played for years. I haven't even begun writing yet since I'm still trying to figure my characters out. For this thread I want to focus on a couple at a time so I can better progress their story.

    1st Character:

    Name - Osterild
    Species - Dragon (Green)
    Age - Unknown
    Personality/Mindset - In the game Osterild is one of the dungeon bosses in a higher level map. His dungeon is a dream he's having in which he's revisiting an old memory from being in an ancient war. Many of his speech quotes were heavy with grief, loss, a rage of anger, and it all sounds like an episode of PTSD.

    What I'd like to do with Osterild's story is take the reader back to the time just before Osterild was captured and forced into battle. Now, being that he's a dragon, I'm guessing an episode of PTSD trauma would definitely result in someone getting hurt, and/or destroying part of the area he's in.

    Osterild is capable of doing a few attacks in the game which I will most likely use in the story. He has a green breath attack that contains a toxin which inflicts damage over time. Another attack, he lifts his head up to the sky and does this pulsating roar which instantly inflicts 20-25% damage off the player. Then he has 3 basic melee attacks; the first being a tail swing, the second he uses his head to swing and headbutt the player, and the last attack is just a simple stomp of his foot. He does NOT breathe fire, so his main breath of choice would be the toxic gas I mentioned.

    I'd like to hear from writers who have designed dragon characters in the past. Osterild isn't your average gold-hugging dragon, he's been through real-life trauma and I'd really like that to show in his dialogue throughout the story. (I need help with speech for a traumatized dragon :p)

    2nd Character:
    Name - Augustine
    Species - Humanoid Headless Horseman
    Age - Unknown (several hundred perhaps?)
    Personality/Mindset - Augustine is the main boss of a lower level dungeon in the game. His dungeon setting is a dark, damp ruined forest/town with a tomb at the very end where Augustine is found.

    For his story, I'd like to tell the story of how he died and why he's been haunting the town ever since. It doesn't sound too pieced together right now but developing his character is the first thing on my list.

    Augustine rides atop of an undead horse called the Chaos Steed. I definitely plan on including the horse somewhere in his story. Any help I can get with character development is appreciated, what would make Augustine more likable and potentially scarier with the proper back-story?

    I'll add more of my characters soon, but for now the focus is on these two. Thank you very much. :)

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