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    Dream Nemesis

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by TheLeonard112, Jul 18, 2013.

    I had a revelation not too long ago and it was referring to my dreams. I, when I do have a dream, often I am fighting something or someone. These are some things I have tied with or beat in my dreams before that I can remember:

    -FBI Agents (Beat)
    -Zombies (Beat)
    -A God (Tied)
    -Pterodactyl (Slaughtered)
    -Psychopathic Killers (Beat)
    -Cougar (Beat)
    -Monsters (Beat)
    -Ghost (Tied)
    -An Angered Father (Beat)
    -An Xbox 360 and Kinect (Beat)

    Though the one thing I can never beat is a Dragon. Three times in my dreams, a dragon has defeated me. Anyway, I want you guys to post the reoccurring theme, event, something, or someone that is in your way in your dreams. Or maybe just a weird dream you wanna share where you felt defeated.
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    Since childhood I have dreamed with H.R. Geiger's ALIEN xenomorph. I saw the film in 1979 when it originally aired in theaters. I was 9. It still pops up in my dreams, sometimes in its original roll of "ultimate horror in the shadow", and sometimes just as another person in my dream. I dreamt once that I was tasked with taking care of a sick one in a huge southern Victorian home bereft of furniture.

    The last few nights if been having a recurring dream where I am the victim of a carjacking. For reasons that make perfect dream-sense, I am forced to break certain parts inside the cabin of the car to effect a getaway. *shrug*
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    -Pterodactyl (Slaughtered)
    Well, no-one can accuse you of boring dreams!

    I always dream of war, and running away from someone. I know what the running thing is - I've learned to avoid a lot in order to avoid being hurt, but not sure about the war scenario. But then I don't really care to decipher my dreams, I think they're just by products of neural activity. I'd rather think about what I'm having for lunch.
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    Jan 5, 2012
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    I think you are playing too many video games.

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